Trio and Quartet.

The Star Marshals are a group of alien robots in the Mega Man comic book series by Archie Comics.


The Star Marshals are known to have been enemies to the evil Ra Moon and its creations, the Stardroids and Kuiper Droids. Over 20,000 years ago, the Star Marshals launched a devastating assault on one of Ra Moon's fortresses, engaging the Stardroids in battle. However, they detected Ra Moon escaping in the custody of several Kuiper Droids, and two of their members, Trio and Quartet, attack them. The Kuiper Droids were decimated, with only the one who would become Shadow Man surviving, but Star Marshal Trio chose at that moment to betray Quartet, attacking him and allowing Ra Moon and Shadow Man to escape.


Background Information

  • The Star Marshals is the first time a name has been applied to the group of robots to which Duo and the Evil Robot belong.
  • The names of the Star Marshals are a play on musical terms, referring to groups of musicians: Duo is two, Trio is three, and Quartet is four.
  • Quartet is the first member of the Star Marshals to be featured exclusively in the Archie Comics, as the other two known members appeared in Mega Man 8. The Star Marshals are thus a comics-exclusive group that includes characters from the games, similar to Shadow Man's presence in the comics-exclusive Kuiper Droids.
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