For the original Steel Massimo, see Steel Massimo (original).
"Me? Ha hah! I'm Massimo. Call me Steel Massimo!"
―Steel Massimo, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Steel Massimo (鋼鉄のマッシモ Koutetsu no Masshimo, lit. "Massimo of Steel") (original name unknown), usually shortened to Massimo, is a character from Mega Man X: Command Mission. After X encounters him at Tianna Camp, he joins the party.

Once a regular Reploid, he despised his own weakness and sought out the original Massimo to learn how to become stronger. However, the original Massimo was later captured by the Rebellion Army, leaving his armor and namesake to this current Massimo.


This Massimo's original name is never revealed, nor is his original appearance ever shown, since he is only ever seen after inheriting the identity of Steel Massimo. He is a tall Reploid, being the tallest party member in Command Mission, and wears a dark green suit of armor with yellow and beige highlights. His shoulderpads have blue gems and large spikes, and a red pair of purely-cosmetic wings sits on his back. His helmet resembles that of a dragon or bird, possessing a beak-like visor and a mouthguard that covers most of his face. His eyes are bright blue and have red lines around the edges. He has a large M emblazoned across his pelvis and he normally wields a large beam axe or other two-handed weaponry.

Massimo is a friendly yet insecure Reploid who is seeking to better himself. He has a strong sense of justice and wants to do what's right, but feels he lacks the ability to do so. Disgusted by his own weakness, Massimo attempts to gain more power and courage by meeting with Steel Massimo, whom he looked up to a great deal. However, after being thrust into a position where he must take on the armor, name, and legacy of his idol alone, he is very anxious and feels inadequate at first. Once he is pushed far enough by the encouragement of the old Massimo and the sickening ways of Silver Horn, Massimo manages to accept his insecurities and use them as motivation to fight on, becoming a brave yet still self-aware hero.


Mega Man X: Command Mission

Massimo described his old self as a coward and a weakling. Because of these insecurities, he sought out the original Steel Massimo in an attempt to grow stronger. The two spent an unknown amount of time together, until they encountered the Rebellion Army in Giga City. At some point the original Steel Massimo was captured and sent to Tianna Camp, but not before passing on his armor and weapon to the new Massimo.

When X and Spider first arrive at Tianna Camp, they meet Massimo, who's scared out of his wits and practically panicking. After Spider recognizes Massimo as a certain great hero due to the armor, he puts on a brave face and agrees to accompany them through the POW camp. Upon freeing the system operator, Nana, Massimo learns that the records show that the original Massimo was supposedly executed; while X and Spider believe this means the Rebellion mistakenly executed someone else, Massimo knows the truth.

Massimo with the original Massimo's final moments

A little later, after traveling deeper into the facility, Massimo splits from the group and meets with the original Massimo, chained and barely alive. He encourages the current Massimo that he can be strong too and tells him to keep the armor before succumbing to his injuries. After X finds him again, Massimo rejoins the group with a contemplative demeanor.

X, Spider, and Massimo confront Silver Horn, who stomps on Nana and mocks the original Massimo by referring to him as "feeble". Silver Horn describes in great detail his murder of the old Massimo, pushing the new Massimo far enough to flatten him with a single punch and curse the Maverick. After the trio defeats Silver Horn, Massimo confesses his past to X, but X and Spider boost Massimo's spirits and convince him to continue to help the Resistance.

Upon first entering the Gaudile Laboratory, Massimo briefly notices Marino's presence behind himself, but brushes it off. He is also present when the team encounters Dr. Psyche for the first time. When spoken to at Central Tower after Marino joins the party, he reveals that he has a crush on Marino and wants to get stronger so she'll notice him.

After serving alongside the Resistance for a while, Massimo's next significant role in the plot is at the Vanallia Desert. As X begins sinking into quicksand, Massimo attempts to save him from being submerged, and Zero tries to help him. However, the team is attacked by Ferham, causing them to all sink into the quicksand. Fortunately, they survive the fall and find themselves in an underground base. Later, after they defeat Botos for the first time, Massimo is surprised by how easy the fight felt.

Massimo is shown shielding Cinnamon from enemy fire when Colonel Redips sends Mechaniloids after the Resistance, and he goes with the party to clear their names at the Far East HQ. By the end of the game, Massimo ends up as a full-fledged warrior, mentally and physically, and feels confident in carrying on the namesake of Steel Massimo.


Concept art of Massimo's weapons: Shock Lance, Protect Lance, Interceptor, Jet Guillotine, Crash Hammer, and Beast Lancer

In battle, sometimes he can counterattack the enemy without using the Sub Weapon "Vengeful Counter", nor Force Metal "Massimo Plus". Counters do not trigger any effects gained via battle damage (Such as Belladonna's stat increase), nor do they trigger a Final Strike if it damages the enemy to that threshold.

Massimo uses different Combat type polearms:

  • Massive Lance (マッシブランサー) - Massimo's starting weapon, an axe that he uses to attack with a Slash.
  • Protect Lance (プロテクトランサー) - A lance with a shield that attacks with Stinger. Has high defense stats and low speed.
  • Crash Hammer (クラッシュハンマー) - A large hammer with three spikes. Attacks with Suppression.
  • Shock Lance (ショックランサー) - Electric lance that attacks with Raiden.
    NOTE: The game describes this weapon as being able to inflict Bind to enemies; however, this is incorrect. Shock Lance does not inflict Bind, it only does Thunder damage.
  • Jet Guillotine (ジェットギロチン) - A scythe that attacks all enemies with a wide Whirlwind Slice.
  • Interceptor (インターセプター) - A weapon with a large blade on the head of the shaft that attacks with Dignity and may cancel the enemy attack.
  • Beast Lancer (ビーストランサー) - A dragon-like lance that uses the fire attack Fury. Massimo suffers damage when he attacks with this weapon.
Main Weapon Power Armor Shield Weight Additional stats
Massive Lance 18 7 6 8
Massive Lance β 34 15 14 12
Massive Lance γ 62 20 19 14
Protect Lance 19 20 18 26 Increases chance to block status effects.
Protect Lance β 38 25 23 30 Increases chance to block status effects.
Protect Lance γ 72 33 31 32 Increases chance to block status effects.
Crash Hammer 30 12 11 28 Critical strike +20%. Hit ratio -3%.
Crash Hammer β 48 17 16 29 Critical strike +20%. Hit ratio -3%.
Shock Lance 20 5 4 9 Thunder-attribute weapon.
NOTE: The game describes as able to inflict Bind to enemies; however, this is incorrect. Shock Lance does not inflict Bind, it only does Thunder damage.
Shock Lance β 72 9 8 13 Thunder-attribute weapon.
NOTE: The game describes as able to inflict Bind to enemies; however, this is incorrect. Shock Lance does not inflict Bind, it only does Thunder damage.
Jet Guillotine 56 10 10 10 Hits all enemies.
Interceptor 93 16 14 16 Chance to cancel enemy attack.
Beast Lancer 120 30 30 20 Fire-attribute weapon. Massimo suffers recoil damage.
NOTE: User takes 5% of their maximum LE as damage every time they use an attack (except Action Trigger and Final Strike).

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Concept art for the original Massimo

  • It is speculated that Massimo is inspired by another Capcom title, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory. Massimo's name is similar to Maximo, and concept art of his original design included a sword, which is Maximo's signature weapon. Furthermore, Massimo's Glint Armor has a great resemblance to Maximo's Gold Armor.
  • Massimo's theme music is also used for the battles with Depth Dragoon and Duckbill Mole.
  • Massimo's Beast Lancer is likely a reference to Garr's Beast Spear from Breath of Fire III, a powerful weapon which drains HP every turn he has it equipped. In Massimo's case, his Beast Lancer only drains HP when he attacks regularly.

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