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"Me? Ha hah! I'm Massimo. Call me Steel Massimo!"
―Steel Massimo, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Steel Massimo (鋼鉄のマッシモ Koutetsu no Masshimo, lit. "Massimo of Steel"), usually shortened to Massimo, is an original playable character from Mega Man X: Command Mission. Once just a regular Reploid, he was sickened by his own weakness, so he sought out the original Massimo to learn how to become stronger. A short time later, though, the original Massimo was captured by the Rebellion Army, leaving his armor and namesake to the current Massimo.


When X and Spider first arrive at Tianna Camp, they meet Massimo, who's scared out of his wits and practically panicking. After realizing the three are working toward the same goal, Massimo joins forces with X and they continue deeper into the POW camp. Upon freeing the system operator, Nana, Massimo learns that the records show that the original Massimo was supposedly executed. A little later, after traveling deeper into the facility, Massimo splits from the group and meets with the original Massimo, chained and barely alive. He encourages the current Massimo that he can be strong too and to keep the armor before succumbing to his injuries.

After X finds him and Massimo rejoins the group, the three confront Silver Horn, who stomps on Nana and mocks the original Massimo by referring to him as "feeble", pushing the current Massimo far enough to flatten him with a single punch. After the trio defeats Silver Horn, Massimo confesses his past to X, but X and Spider boost Massimo's spirits and convince him to continue to help the group.

His next significant role in the plot was at the Vanallia Desert, as he tried to save X from the quicksand. Massimo also succumbed to the quicksand, even with Zero trying to save him despite abuse from Ferham. Luckily, the party survived.

By the end of the game, Massimo ends up as a full-fledged warrior, mentally and physically, and feels confident in carrying on the namesake of Steel Massimo.


In battle, sometimes he can counterattack the enemy without using the Sub Weapon "Vengeful Counter", nor Force Metal "Massimo Plus". Counters do not trigger any effects gained via battle damage (Such as Belladonna's stat increase), nor do they trigger a Final Strike if it damages the enemy to that threshold.

Massimo uses different Combat type polearms:

  • Massive Lance: Massimo's starting weapon, an axe that he uses to attack with a Slash.
  • Protect Lance: A lance with a shield that attacks with Stinger. Has high defense stats and low speed.
  • Crash Hammer: A large hammer with three spikes. Attacks with Suppression.
  • Shock Lance: Electric lance that attacks with Raiden.
    NOTE: The game describes this weapon as being able to inflict Bind to enemies; however, this is incorrect. Shock Lance does not inflict Bind, it only does Thunder damage.
  • Jet Guillotine: A scythe that attacks all enemies with a wide Whirlwind Slice.
  • Interceptor: A weapon with a large blade on the head of the shaft that attacks with Dignity and may cancel the enemy attack.
  • Beast Lancer: A dragon-like lance that uses the fire attack Fury. Massimo suffers damage when he attacks with this weapon.
Main Weapon Power Armor Shield Weight Additional stats
Massive Lance18768
Massive Lance β34151412
Massive Lance γ62201914
Protect Lance19201826Increases chance to block status effects.
Protect Lance β38252330Increases chance to block status effects.
Protect Lance γ72333132Increases chance to block status effects.
Crash Hammer30121128Critical strike +20%. Hit ratio -3%.
Crash Hammer β48171629Critical strike +20%. Hit ratio -3%.
Shock Lance20549Thunder-attribute weapon.
NOTE: The game describes as able to inflict Bind to enemies; however, this is incorrect. Shock Lance does not inflict Bind, it only does Thunder damage.
Shock Lance β729813Thunder-attribute weapon.
NOTE: The game describes as able to inflict Bind to enemies; however, this is incorrect. Shock Lance does not inflict Bind, it only does Thunder damage.
Jet Guillotine56101010Hits all enemies.
Interceptor93161416Chance to cancel enemy attack.
Beast Lancer120303020Fire-attribute weapon. Massimo suffers recoil damage.
NOTE: User takes 5% of their maximum LE as damage every time they use an attack (except Action Trigger).



True Massimo

Concept art for the original Massimo

  • Strangely, the player never learns the playable Steel Massimo's original name. It is believed he inherited this title when he was given his armor by the original Massimo, and another name is never mentioned, nor is his original appearance ever shown.
  • It is believed that the original Steel Massimo was considerably smaller than the party member and wielded a sword as opposed to a bladed polearm. This idea comes from a poster seen in the Sky Room, "Viva la resistance!", which shows a pair of characters in a pseudo-silhouette wearing the Steel Massimo armor, with the largest figure holding a polearm and a smaller figure with a sword similar to Zero's Z Rapier. This is also hinted at by one of Massimo's concept art pieces, which depicts the original Steel Massimo wearing the armor (he is certainly less upright of posture, if not shorter than the playable Massimo) and holding a sword.
  • Its speculated by the majority of the fan community that the inspiration for Massimo's character derived from a creation of Capcom's earlier title, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory. This speculation comes from the fact that Massimo's name is extremely similar to that of Maximo and his original character design included a sword which is Maximo's signature weapon. Furthermore, the final similarity is with Massimo's Glint Armor and how its coloring has a great resemblance to the coloring of Maximo's Gold Armor.
  • His theme music is shared in battle with Depth Dragoon and Duckbill Mole.
  • Massimo's strongest weapon is likely a reference to Garr's strongest weapon (Beast Spear) in Breath of Fire III, which sapped some of his HP away every turn he had it equipped. In Massimo's case, his Beast Lancer only drains HP when he attacks regularly.

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