This article is about the Robot Master Stone Man. For information on his NetNavi counterpart, see StoneMan.EXE.
"Guts Man, let's go see a movie."
—Stone Man, Mega Man & Bass database

Stone Man (ストーンマン Sutōnman) is a strong Robot Master that was built by Dr. Wily to look like and be as tough as a bunch of bricks. He made his debut in Mega Man 5, where Wily ordered him to occupy a high mountain to help Gyro Man take over a hanging garden. Despite his weight, Stone Man can jump quite high. However, if he jumps too high or is hit by a strong attack, the impact will make his body break apart. Either way, he can reconstruct his body back to his normal form.

His Special Weapon, the Power Stone, makes heavy stones circle around him, bashing anything in their path with immense force. In Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters the Power Stone makes a big, forward crawling stone hand. He can also create a wall of bricks to protect himself from incoming attacks and can throw stone pillars at his foes. His weakness is Napalm Man's Napalm Bomb, as it can shatter his external chassis before he can reassemble himself.


Although he can be stubborn at times in not listening to others while also have a rocky persistence as well, Stone Man is strong-willed in being very resolved and determined to complete any work that he undertakes while also being adept in the field of technology as well. He enjoys watching movies and drinking oil with Guts Man, to whom he is good friends with and bears a slight resemblance to due to their own brutish builds. Coincidentally, both robots are physically strong and attack with rocks while also being weak to explosive weapons. In addition to this, Stone Man dislikes stingy and selfish people.

Video game appearances

Mega Man 5

Stone Man attacks by using Power Stone. Although this rarely occurs, if Mega Man gets hit, he will take heavy damage from it; however, it is easy to avoid. He also tries to jump on Mega Man to crush him, sometimes jumping up high and breaking to pieces on impact with the sheer force, before quickly rebuilding himself. The high jump can be easily avoided by sliding to the side Mega Man has more space on, then shooting at him. Stone Man is weak to Napalm Bomb, but it can be difficult to hit him with it as it does not explode against him when he is disassembled and its trajectory can be a bit unpredictable—it is recommended to fire it as soon as he has finished reconstructing himself. To do this, one must be virtually on top of Stone Man in order to guarantee a hit (he does not deal contact damage when he is disassembled). However, seven hits from Napalm Bomb is all it takes to defeat Stone Man.

Mega Man IV

Stone Man is one of the second four bosses. He uses the same actions as in Mega Man 5, except the impact from his high jumps will now make Mega Man bounce about slightly.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

"You have no choice but to avoid the Power Stone. Time your jump! He is weak against unexpected attacks. Sound for example..."
Dr. Light

Stone Man is one of the six bosses from the "Rescue Roll!" course. He is weak to Noise Crush

Mega Man (Game Gear)

Stone Man is one of the initial four bosses. He is considerably more aggressive than in Mega Man 5, jumping around at a faster rate and having a lower vulnerable window. He only uses Power Stone on the Hard difficulty.

Rockman Strategy

Stone Man joins Burst Man and Bubble Man in battling Mega Man's party on the broken bridge level. Later, he serves as Astro Man's partner and Aquarius' bodyguard on the Meteorite Surface in Africa.


Mega Man & Bass CD data

Stone Man's CD data card.

Rockman Complete Works data


Mega Man Legacy Collection text: Made to control a mountain from which the hanging gardens could be attacked. He can't be damaged when he's falling apart.

Rockman Battle & Fighters data


Translation: This robot was built to secure a high mountain as a foothold to conquer the Hanging Gardens. All his attacks are powerful, especially the rock-swinging Giant Swing, which is fatal if it hits. His special weapon is Power Stone.

Stage enemies

Enemies in Stone Man's stage in Mega Man 5:

Enemies in Stone Man's stage in Mega Man IV for Game Boy:

Other media

Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)

Stone Man in the Mega Man cartoon show.

Stone Man appeared in the episode "The Big Shake" from the Mega Man animated series voiced by Ian James Corlett. He has an arm cannon that fires his Power Stone instead of forming them out of his own body like he does in the game. He has no lines (only grunts), although he is one of the more game-design accurate portrayals featured in the show.

Mega Man: Upon a Star

The Mega Man 5 bosses have short appearances fighting against Mega Man or helping Wily in the three episodes from the OVA.

Mega Man Megamix

In the manga, Stone Man's body is composed of numerous parts, each of which have basic "bit" functions. This unique composition allows him to disassemble and reassemble at will. Though his sheer size makes him an easy target to hit, he is able to evade attacks effectively by disassembling his parts. When disassembled, his core is centrally located among his parts and safe from critical damage. Stone Man's main weapon, the Power Stone, causes extremely dense stones to hit his opponent while swinging around his body, accelerated by each other's gravitational pull.

Stone Man first appeared in the story "Holiday of Soldiers", where the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 5 have part-time jobs in an amusement park to obtain money for Dr. Wily. He operates the Ferris wheel. When Bass attacks the park, Stone Man and the others protect the guests and attempt to stop Bass.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Stone Man was also featured in the Mega Man comic series from Archie Comics. He made his first appearance during the Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog Worlds Collide crossover as part of large army of Robot Masters. He and Concrete Man battled Knuckles the Echidna, whom they quickly discovered to be as powerful as Guts Man.

Other appearances

Stone Man also appeared in the manga Rockman 5 and Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin.



  • Stone Man was named Block Man in his boss character contest submission. The name Block Man would later be used for a boss in Mega Man 11.
  • When Mega Man 5 is started in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, it shows Stone Man in the loading screen.
  • Stone Man's design may be based on a golem, a stone or clay humanoid figure brought to life by magic or technology.
    • He is notably similar to golem type of enemies from Dragon Quest series, a popular role-playing game series.
  • In Stone Man's official Mega Man 5 and Rockman Complete Works artwork, the gem on his torso is colored green, however, in his Mega Man 5 sprites it is colored red. It is unknown if this is due to palette or color limitations. Stone Man's Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters sprite has the gem correctly colored green.