For his Mega Man Maverick Hunter X incarnation, see Storm Eagle/Maverick Hunter X.

Storm Eagle, known in Japan as Storm Eagleed (ストーム・イーグリード Sutōmu Īgurīdo), is a character from the Mega Man X series, a Reploid based on an eagle.

Video game appearances

Mega Man X

Storm Eagle is a taciturn, careful strategist and the leader of the Maverick Hunters' 7th Airborne Unit. His first reaction to Sigma's Maverick revolt was to fight against him, but realizing he was severely outmatched, he decided to join Sigma rather than be destroyed. Storm Eagle loyally, yet reluctantly agreed to follow Sigma, and took control of the Death Rogumer, a new class of aerial battleship. X later went to an airport and defeated Storm Eagle aboard the Death Rogumer.

Mega Man Xtreme

Storm Eagle reappears in Mega Man Xtreme as reproduced boss data from the past protecting the core of the Mother Computer System in the Hunter Base. He is one of the four bosses fought in Normal Mode, alongside Chill Penguin, Spark Mandrill, and Flame Stag. In Extreme Mode, he is one of the eight bosses fought, with the rest of the Mavericks fought in Hard Mode (Wheel Gator, Magna Centipede, Armored Armadillo and Morph Moth).

Other appearances

See also: Storm Eagle/Maverick Hunter X
  • Storm Eagle appears in the remake of the original Mega Man X, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, where in this continuity he is forced to join Sigma's rebellion rather than joining willingly.
  • He also has a cameo appearance in Mega Man X6 as an attack by the charged Metal Anchor when used by X, where several metallic copies of Storm Eagle dive diagonally on screen.
  • In Rockman ×over, Storm Eagle is one of the four bosses from World 1.
  • Storm Eagle is an unit card in TEPPEN, and is also present in other cards.


Being an air Maverick, he has advantage in aerial combat. Though his Storm Tornado and the wind from his wings only push X, but not damage him, it is used to try and make X fall from the Death Rogumer. The real threat comes from when he dives, as there is little time to react; although, if the player is fast enough, it may be possible to dodge and shoot him from behind. Oddly enough, he can spit eggs, which hatch and release 4 small blue birds to attack X. His weakness is the Chameleon Sting.

Powers and abilities

  • Storm Tornado (ストームトルネード) - Storm Eagle shoots this weapon out at X, but it does not cause damage, as it is only a vertical tornado of air. This attack rather pushes X in the opposite direction of Storm Eagle, as he attempts to push X off the Death Rogumer airship. With the Foot Parts, X can dash to avoid being blown off the airship. When defeated, X gains this weapon, but the difference is that X's version damages enemies on the screen multiple times.
  • Diving (ダイビング) - Storm Eagle flies off the screen, then would make dive moves towards X with the intention of ramming into him.
  • Gust (突風) - Storm Eagle rises to the air and flaps his wings, causing a rush of air to push X back in an attempt to push him off the Death Rogumer airship, similar to the Storm Tornado move. This serves the same purpose as the Storm Tornado. This move is similar to a Matasaburo pushing the player to a pitfall.
  • Bird Summon (鳥召喚) - While Storm Eagle is hovering in mid-air, he produces an egg out of his beak and shoots it on the ground, cracking it. From the egg comes four small bird shaped robots that fly towards X. This attack is similar to the enemy Pipi's attacks where robotic birds fly past Mega Man and drop eggs in his direction, that also break open with smaller robot birds flying towards Mega Man.


Storm Eagle (Storm Eagleed)
Nickname: "The Prince of the Skies" (天空の貴公子 (Tenkuu no Kikoushi), "The Scion of the Skies" in Japan)
Height: 250 cm (8.20 ft)
Weight: 135 kg (298 lbs, mistakenly shown as 275 lbs in-game)
Attacks: Storm Tornado, Diving

Other media

Rockman X

Rivalry of Eagle and Zero

Comrades and rivals, Eagle and Zero.

In the manga Rockman X, Storm Eagle was a popular Hunter from the 17th Elite Unit, partner and rival of Zero, and had a girlfriend named Teal, a human-model Reploid and Maverick Hunter. After Teal died during a mission in an airplane, despite Zero's attempts to rescue her, Eagle requested a transfer to another unit. Zero never saw him again until Sigma's rebellion, demonstrating his allegience by attacking his old friend. Eventually, X fights against Storm Eagle in a large airship, severely damaging him to the point of losing his wings. Having recovered from their earlier encounter, Zero appears and stops the fight, revealing that Storm Eagle was just pretending to be a Maverick on the Hunters' behalf. Unfortunately, Eagle passes away from his wounds, expressing regret things turned out as they did. To honor his memory, X and Zero encapsulate Eagle's remains in a rocket full of flowers, sending him off into space. Afterwards, Zero says to X that he envies him for being able to cry in a time like this, as he cannot.

In the Rockman X2 manga, a flashback shows that Sigma retrieved Storm Eagle's damaged weapon and presented it to Overdrive Ostrich, who once served under the deceased Hunter until losing his ability to fly. Enraged over his commander's death, Sigma convinces him to join his forces by saying it was Storm Eagle's dying wish, causing Ostritch to join the X-Hunters. Months later, a furious Overdrive Ostrich fights against X in the desert, but eventually realizes his mistake. As Overdrive Ostrich, suddenly regaining his lost ability to fly, sacrifices himself to stop a giant missile he had previously launched, he and X believe they see Storm Eagle flying alongside them.

Storm Eagle would be seen as a recurring memory throughout the rest of the story, including Morph Moth's illusion.

Rockman X Mega Mission

In the Carddass, Storm Eagle is revived by Dr. Doppler as "Storm Eagleed L" (Storm Eagle L). Storm Eagle is now red with yellow and white details, and has changes on his appearance such as a longer beak and shoulders, and a more detailed head and buster. He dies after fighting X.

Rockman Remix

In the Mega Mission history from the manga Rockman Remix, Storm Eagleed L attacks X with Burnin' Noumander L (Flame Mammoth L) and Sting Chameleao L (Sting Chameleon L). Initially, X doesn't want to fight them, but he's forced to by iX/Limited to kill them with one blast, leaving only debris.

Archie Comics

Storm Eagle later appeared in the Worlds Unite crossover event between the Mega Man comic series and the Sonic the Hedgehog lines, which also featured Mega Man X. He was revived by Sigma through the power of the Genesis Portals and Unity Engines, and later appeared as part of an army that accompanied Sigma-2 as he emerged from the Lost Hex and set his sights on the Sky Patrol. After a brief battle with the Maverick Hunters, Freedom Fighters, and Robot Masters aboard, he and most of the other Mavericks departed for other worlds. Storm Eagle teamed up with Storm Owl and went to the world of NiGHTS into Dreams..., where he faces NiGHTS and is destroyed.


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