"How dare you destroy my unit! You'll pay for this with your life!"
―Storm Owl, Mega Man X4

Storm Owl, known as Storm Fukuroul (ストーム・フクロウル Sutōmu Fukurouru) in Japan, is a horned owl-based Reploid who is a member of the Repliforce, an organization branded as Mavericks because of their yearning for independence. One of the Repliforce's most resourceful generals, Storm Owl is a well-regarded member by the entire staff. He is a very proud soldier, and was extremely resentful when he and his associates were branded as Mavericks by the Maverick Hunters. After the Repliforce coup began, he commanded the Air Force to attack a city in a ploy to divert the attention of the Maverick Hunters.

Storm Owl is especially skilled at night-time operations, and is so proud that he will absolutely refuse to follow orders that do not come directly from his superiors. He was good friends with Storm Eagle, so he developed a grudge against X when the Maverick Hunter defeated him. He also does not get along with Chill Penguin at all, due to somebody once confusing him for a penguin as a result of his appearance and short stature.

Power & Abilities

  • He can create & shoot energy cyclones (X will gain this weapon called Double Cyclone).
  • He can absorb some damage by creating some small air currents surrounding him (Zero will learn this technique called Tenkuuha).
  • He can fly via his wings.


Storm Owl has a variety of attacks at his disposal. Almost constantly in the air he likes to dive in and grab his opponent, then slam them into the ground. With his ability to manipulate wind he can fire four homing air shots, create small vortexes, and powerful tornadoes. When his health is down by half he tends to move to the center of the screen to release a constant, four-way rotating stream of air shots for a short duration. X will have no trouble dealing with him using the Aiming Laser gained from Cyber Peacock (even easier with the Helmet Upgrade, as uncharged shots won't drain energy). Zero, however, will have very opportunities to effectively attack with Rakuhouha (the damage Storm Owl takes from the attack multiplies with each projectile he his hit by) without being hit in turn. The most effective strategy is to bait Storm Owl into swooping down on you; trigger Rakuhouha just as he dives. This ensures 3-4 hits on Storm Owl with one usage, and if timed correctly will cause him to abort his dive and exit the screen without damaging the player.

It should be noted that Rakuhouha's energy meter refills upon taking damage. If the player has adequate life to absorb an attack, timing Rakuhouha so that Storm Owl hits the player upon unfreezing can allow the move to be used more liberally.

Most bosses show the ability that you will gain during the battle. For X, his Double Cyclone is based on Storm Owl's similar attack. As for Zero, Tenkuuha is from Storm Owl's ability to absorb normal damage by surrounding himself with a small air current after being struck once.


In-Battle Quotes

  • Note: These are only present in the Japanese version of the game.
Hiyokko-me ga, jimen ni hebari tsuite ireba ī mono o! You damned baby bird, you should've stayed clinging to the ground! Pre-battle line
Wareware o teki ni mawashita mukui o ukeyo! Face retribution for making us into your enemies! Pre-battle line
Mokuhyō hosoku! 5-Bu inai ni gekiha suru! Target acquired! Will destroy him in five minutes! Pre-battle line
Sokoda! There! Firing a scatter shot of Wind Cyclones
Okunoteda! Feast your eyes on my trump card! Firing a barrage of Wind Cyclones in four directions from the center of the area

When Playing as X

Storm Owl: How dare you destroy my unit! You'll pay for this with your life!

When Playing as Zero

Storm Owl: Why did you judge us as Mavericks!?

Zero: Wait! Stop the coup!

Storm Owl: No. We're justified in doing this!

Other Media


Storm Owl in Worlds Unite

Archie Comics

Storm Owl was among the various Mavericks revived by Sigma-1 during the Worlds Unite crossover event in order to invade other worlds. Following the mass attack on the Sky Patrol, they scattered to various worlds to plant Unity Engines. Storm Owl was teamed with Storm Eagle to attack the world of NiGHTS into Dreams..., only to be defeated by their habitants upon the arrival of Tails and Air Man.

Rockman X4 (manga)

Storm Owl appeared in the X4 manga as a Repliforce member, same as in the game. He is first seen with the rest of his Repliforce compatriots helping Zero stop Maverick activity near a dangerous volcano. After the incident with Eregion, where a city is decimated and Repliforce is under suspicion as being responsible for the attack, he is seen in the Repliforce's private conference room with the General and the Colonel, where they discuss what their next move should be. Owl is then present for the General's speech announcing the Repliforce's defection from the human government and decision to become independent.

Owl, and the entirety of the Repliforce air brigade that he commanded, are brutally shot down by a vengeful X who had also received a massive power-up thanks to the Ultimate Armor he got from one of Dr. Light's capsules. As he lays dying, he sits in befuddlement at X's amazing power, saying it far exceeds what Reploids can normally have, and accuses X of being the true Maverick, not Repliforce. X then abruptly kills him with a charged buster shot, and tells Owl that he was a Maverick and the humans made no mistake in deeming Repliforce as such, unaware of the real culprit behind Repliforce's coup.



  • Storm Owl is the second boss in the X series to share a name prefix with a previous boss, Mega Man X's Storm Eagle (the first one being Flame Stag, who shares his prefix with Flame Mammoth). The two don't appear to have any relation beyond being based on predatory birds. Coincidentally, the names of both species can be combined to form the name of another, the Eagle Owl.
    • In Storm Owl's X4 concept art however, it is established that the two were close friends; which in turn led to Storm Owl developing a grudge against X after he defeated Storm Eagle during Mega Man X. This story is nearly identical to Overdrive Ostrich's, with the exception of Ostrich having served under Storm Eagle prior to Sigma's rebellion, causing him to go Maverick in grief.
  • In Storm Owl's level, there are two powerful laser cannons fired from above that will destroy a group of Metal Hawks in its laser fire (a Heart Tank is on a Metal Hawk in the first laser's line of fire). The lasers are a possible reference to the film Independence Day.
  • Storm Owl's Japanese name, Storm Fukuroul, is a combination of the Japanese word for owl, fukurou (フクロウ), and the English word "owl."

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