"How dare you destroy my unit! You'll pay for this with your life!"
―Storm Owl, Mega Man X4

Storm Owl, known as Storm Fukuroul (ストーム・フクロウル) in Japan, is an Owl-based Maverick who is a member of the Repliforce, an organization branded as Mavericks because of their yearning for independence. One of the Repliforce's most resourceful generals, Storm Owl regarded the entire staff as family. He was extremely resentful when he and his associates were branded as Mavericks by the Hunters. After the Repliforce coup began, he launched the air brigade to divert the Maverick Hunters attention.


Storm Owl has a variety of attacks at his disposal. Almost constantly in the air he likes to dive in and grab his opponent, then slam them into the ground. With his ability to manipulate wind he can fire four homing air shots, create small vortexes, and powerful tornadoes. When his health is down my half he tends to move to the center of the screen to release a constant, four-way rotating stream of air shots for a short duration. X will have no trouble dealing with him using the Aiming Laser gained from Cyber Peacock (even easier with the Helmet Upgrade, as uncharged shots won't drain energy). Zero, however, will have very few attack opportunities with Rakuhouha.

Most bosses show the ability that you will gain during the battle. For X, his Double Cyclone is based on Storm Owl's similar attack. As for Zero, Tenkuuha is from Storm Owl's ability to absorb normal damage by surrounding himself with a small air current after being struck once.


Stage description: The Repliforce ship has taken off. Pursue and blast it out of the air.

Stage enemies

Enemies in Storm Owl's stage, Air Force.


When Playing as X

Storm Owl: How dare you destroy my unit! You'll pay for this with your life!

When Playing as Zero

Storm Owl: Why did you judge us as Mavericks!?

Zero: Wait! Stop the coup!

Storm Owl: No. We're justified in doing this!

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