Street Fight! (ストリートファイト!) is episode 14 (episode 11 in the English dub) of the anime MegaMan NT Warrior. It first aired in Japan on June 3, 2002.


"It's time to party! Lan and the gang did so well in their first week in the N1 Grand Prix that Yai invites everyone to a fancy restaurant to celebrate. But when our heroes get to the restaurant, someone is sitting at the table reserved for Yai's family. It's Chaud! Pompous and condescending, it doesn't take long before Chaud insults Yai's family as well as Lan's NetBattling skills. Lan, defending his and Yai's honor, follows Chaud out of the restauraunt and into the night, where he challenges him to a NetBattle. Just as the battle begins, World Three unleashes a hoarde of viruses programmed to delete both MegaMan and Chaud's NetNavi, ProtoMan!"[1]



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