Street Fighter × All Capcom (ストリートファイター×オールカプコン) was a RPG card game released for Japanese mobile phones in November 2013. It contains characters from several Capcom games, including the Mega Man franchise.[1][2] The game was last updated in March 2014, and its server was shutdown in May 2015, making the game unplayable.

Mega Man characters

Name Rarity Attribute Skills
Rockman R Heart
Rockman R+ Heart
Rockman SR Heart
Rockman SR+ Heart
Blues R+ Technique
Blues SR Technique
Blues SR+ Body
Blues SR+ Technique
Roll R+ Heart
Roll SR Heart
SR Heart Everyone's Santa
Present Bomb
Roll SR+ Heart
Dr. Right R+ Technique The Father of Robotics
Rush N Technique
Rush G Technique
Rush R Technique
Dr. Wily
(Wily Capsule)
R+ Technique The Secret of Dr. Wily
Wily Machine 1
Dr. Wily SR Technique
Forte G+ Body
Forte R+ Body
Forte SR Body
Forte SR+ Body
Cut Man N Technique
Guts Man N Body
Ice Man N Technique
Bomb Man N Heart
Fire Man N Heart
Elec Man N Technique
Metal Man N Body
Air Man G+ Heart
Air Man R Heart
Air Man SR Heart
Bubble Man N Technique
Quick Man N Technique
Clash Man N Heart
Flash Man N Technique
Heat Man N Body
Wood Man N Body
X SR Heart
X SR+ Body
(Full Armor)
SSR Body Infinite Possibility
Double Charge Shot
(Mega Man X series)
R+ Technique Ryuenjin
(Mega Man X series)
SR Technique Logical Thinking
Hyper Zero Blaster
(Mega Man X series)
SR+ Technique Special A Class Hunter
(Mega Man Zero series)
G+ Technique
(Mega Man Zero series)
R+ Technique
(Mega Man Zero series)
SR+ Technique
Sigma G+ Body
Sigma R+ Body
Sigma SR Body Sigma Virus
Hell Blade
VAVA G+ Body
VAVA R+ Body
Storm Eagleed N Technique
Sting Chameleao N Technique
Burning' Noumander N Body
Flame Stagger N Heart
Gravity Beetbood N Body
Magmard Dragoon N Heart
Rock Volnutt N+ Heart
Rock Volnutt G+ Heart
Rock Volnutt SR Heart
Tron Bonne R+ Technique
Tron Bonne SR Technique Behave yourselves!
Bonne Strike
Tron Bonne
SR+ Technique
Kobun N+ Body
Kobun G Body
Kobun R Body
Shitaper N Body
Denise N Heart




  • Angelina, an original character from the game, has a crush on Zero.

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