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Strong (ストロング) is an autonomous Wizard from Mega Man Star Force 3 who works on the Alohaha Castle, being in charge of Alohaha's environmental system, which keeps Alohaha in constant summer and protects it from natural disasters. Due to this, he is revered as a "guardian deity" on the island.

A Noise Card with the title of Club (♣) mutates him into the hulking Club Strong (クラブ・ストロング) battle form. Though Mega Man manages to defeat him and revert him back to normal, Strong is soon deleted by Joker so that Queen Tia can harvest his leftover Crimson energy. However, some time later Strong was resurrected thanks to Aaron Boreal.



Club Strong

Club Strong possesses the following attacks and abilities:

  • Super Armor: Club Strong cannot flinch.
  • Step Grass: Each time he moves, Club Strong can change the panel he just moved to into a Grass Panel.
  • Wood Lance: (ウッドランス) Club Strong summons a Wood Tower that travels forward from the panel he moves onto.
  • Wild Swing: (ワイルドスイング) Club Strong swings his club at the player.
  • Swing Storm: (スイングストーム) Club Strong summons several tornadoes and sends them towards the player. If they are created over Grass Panels, they also gain a Wood attribute. Removes Auras and Barriers.
  • Giant Seed: (ジャイアントシード) Club Strong drops several seeds. If they come into contact with the player, they will sap life and restore it to Club Strong.
  • Strong Swing: (ストロングスイング) Club Strong smashes his club repeatedly at different panels on the player's row.



  • Club Strong bears a striking resemblance to StoneMan.EXE, differing in the fact that he is covered in moss and carries a club.

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