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Rekku Gundan Emblem

The Strong Air Battalion (烈空軍団 Rekku Gundan, lit. "Fierce Sky Army") serves as Neo Arcadia's air force, and is led by Sage Harpuia.

Known Members

Z1HarpuiaMugshot Sage Harpuia: leader of the Strong Air Battalion.
MMZ1 Mugshot Aztec Falcon Aztec Falcon: jailer and executioner of Reploids accused of being Mavericks.
MMZ2 Mugshot Herculious Anchus Herculious Anchus (also "Anchortus"): One of the guardians of the Neo Arcadia Shrine.
Z2 AnchusMugshot Kuwagust Anchus: brother of Herculious Anchus. Led a fleet to bombard the Resistance Base. He is stubbornly loyal to Harpuia.
MMZ2 Mugshot Panter Flauclaws Panter Flauclaws: assigned to protect a train shipment.