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The Sulphur-Bottom (サルファーボトム号) is a massive airship which Verner Von Bluecher spent all his fortune to build and be able to enter the Forbidden Island in hope to find the Mother Lode. The airship interior has a luxurious decoration, and is protect by several guards armed with machine guns. Mega Man can find 500 Zenny in a plant in Deck 1, 2000 Zenny in the plant in Bluecher's Room, and the crates from Deck 3 have the item Heavy Duty Gear and a total of 2800 Zenny.

The airship was stuck in the island's storm after Gatz accidentally damaged the Sulphur-Bottom's engine with an attack, but the airship was able to hold until Mega Man reached the island and the storm stopped. When Mega Man obtains the 4 keys, Geetz takes over the airship by assimilating it while Sera takes the keys, but he's separated from the ship by Gatz and Mega Man must fight against him in the ship's deck.


Sulphur-Bottom's specifications from the Rockman DASH 2 instruction manual (Japanese PlayStation version only)

  • Length: 235 m
  • Height: 120 m (vertical tail included)
  • Max. speed: 980 km/h (D engine greatest output per hour)
  • Armament: Anti-aircraft 80mm Vulcan - 20 gates, anti-surface D Cannon - 1 gate, dispersion D Cannon - 4 gates, raid fighter (monocerus) - 18 aircrafts. The ship also has two twin missile pods, as seen when Bluecher orders the crew to attack Gatz and Matilda.


  • The music inside the Sulphur-Bottom is an arrange of Antonio Vivaldi's "Spring".
  • "Sulphur-Bottom" is an archaic name for the blue whale, which the ship vaguely resembles.


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