Not to be confused with Navi Chips or Summon Cards.

A Lavagon is summoned to attack some Mushy, Mega Man Battle Network 2.

Summon Chips” are special Battle Chips in the Mega Man Battle Network series that summon an entity to attack the enemy in battle. Unlike Navi Chips, summon chips do not replace MegaMan on the battlefield, and instead appear in front of him and require a hole in the panel in front of him. They appear in Mega Man Battle Network 2 as regular chips and in Mega Man Battle Network 3 as Mega Chips sans Lava Dragon.



GodStone teleports into the hole in front of MegaMan and uses two stone towers to stomp on the panel above and below him to rain stones down on the enemy in the same vein as StoneMan's Navi Chip from the original MegaMan Battle Network. Unlike StoneMan however, if there is a hole on either of the panels that GodStone uses to stomp on, he will either produce less stones if he is only stomping on one panel, or no stones if both panels have holes in them. God Stone will attack three times, each stone doing 150 damage.



LavaDragon (LavaDrag) summons the Lava Dragon virus to attack. When summoned, the Lava Dragon will teleport into the hole in front of MegaMan and breath fire on all viruses on the battlefield for 200 fire damage. Unlike GodStone and OldWood, LavaDragon must be won from the virus itself, and Is not available in the third game.



OldWood teleports into the hole in front of MegaMan and summon Wood Towers on all of the enemy‘ s panels for 100 damage.

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