Super Arrow (スーパーアロー Sūpā Arō) is an item from Mega Man 5 that can be used to attack and create platforms, as it sticks to walls for a short time. It can also be ridden and used to cover distances, much like Item-2. While the energy drain is very rapid while the arrow is being ridden, it will not disappear if the energy meter runs out mid-flight (unlike Rush Jet); it will only disappear if it hits an enemy or a wall. It is obtained when Star Man is defeated. Super Arrow is the weakness of Wily Machine 5, making it the only transport item to also be the weakness from a boss.

Damage Data Chart


Small glitch with Super Arrow

Damage values in units in Mega Man 5.

MM5-SuperArrow-Icon Super Arrow
Boss Damage
Gravity Man 1
Wave Man 1
Stone Man 1
Gyro Man 1
Star Man 1
Charge Man 1
Napalm Man 1
Crystal Man 1
Dark Man 1 1
Dark Man 2 2
Dark Man 3 2
Dark Man 4 1
Big Pets 1
Circring Q9 1
Wily Press 1
Wily Machine 5 4
Wily Capsule II 1

Other media

Mega Man used the Super Arrow in the Rockman 5 manga and in Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin.


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