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Super Arrow (スーパーアロー Sūpā Arō) is an item from Mega Man 5 that can be used to attack and create platforms, as it sticks to walls for a short time. It can also be ridden and used to cover distances, much like Item 2. While the energy drain is very rapid while the arrow is being ridden, it will not disappear if the energy meter runs out mid-flight (unlike Rush Jet); it will only disappear if it hits an enemy or a wall. It is obtained when Star Man is defeated. Super Arrow is the weakness of Wily Machine 5, making it the only transport item to also be the weakness from a boss.

Damage Data Chart


Small glitch with Super Arrow

Damage values in units in Mega Man 5.

MM5-SuperArrow-Icon Super Arrow
Boss Damage
Gravity Man 1
Wave Man 1
Stone Man 1
Gyro Man 1
Star Man 1
Charge Man 1
Napalm Man 1
Crystal Man 1
Dark Man 1 1
Dark Man 2 2
Dark Man 3 2
Dark Man 4 1
Big Pets 1
Circring Q9 1
Wily Press 1
Wily Machine 5 4
Wily Capsule II 1

Other media

Mega Man used the Super Arrow in the Rockman 5 manga and in Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin.


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