Super Bass, known as Super Forte (スーパーフォルテ) in Japan, is the combined form from Bass and Treble in the original Mega Man series.


Mega Man 7

Dr. Wily made Bass pretend to be an ally of Mega Man to enter Dr. Light's Laboratory and steal the plans from an upgrade for Mega Man and Rush that Dr. Light designed, using them to create his own version of Super Mega Man for Bass and Treble. After Bass is defeated in Wily Stage 1, he combines with Treble in Wily Stage 2, becoming Super Bass. Like Super Mega Man, Super Bass can fly and has a rocket punch, but is also able to fire charge shots.

Mega Man 8

Bass combines with Treble in Wily Stage 3 and is powered up by Evil Energy. He can fly as long as he wants, fire two consecutive charge shots before having to charge again, and shield himself with a large, sphere-shaped, purple aura. He can also fire giant, comet like blasts that can break apart and fall down as multiple smaller blasts, as well as being able to fire powerful laser beams.

Mega Man & Bass and Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha

Bass can purchase the item Treble Boost in Auto's shop for 200 screws, which allows him to turn into Super Bass for a limited time, gaining flight and firing shots that travel in three directions at the same time.

InRockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha, Super Forte can fire in 1 of 7 directions, but can only be used once, requiring to be bought again in the shop after use.

Mega Man 10

Bass starts with Treble Boost, which acts like its Mega Man & Bass appearance. Also, if Bass falls on a pit and has Treble Rescue, Treble will appear to rescue Bass, turning him into Super Bass for a brief time to escape.

Mega Man X DiVE

Super Bass is a S rank Hunter Program exclusive to the DiVE Festival.

Active Skills:

Bass Buster
Deal 200.00% damage to the target and generate a Sabotage Beam on the spot after hitting the target, which will continue to deal damage to the target and inflict Weakened DEF, increasing its damage taken by 6.56%, can be stacked up to 8 stacks
Skill Cards:
  • Disarm Defense - Remove the Enhanced Defense status after Bass Buster hits
  • Mobility - Reduce preparation time by 20%.
  • Energy Burst - Can shoot 3 shot at a time
Sweeping Laser
Dash forward and shoot a laser downward, dealing 280.00% damage to all targets along the way and immune to all damage when performing this skill.
Skill Cards:
  • Slow Resistance - 40% chance to become immune to the effects of Slow; the same type of chance can be stacked.
  • Show Time - You will not suffer from negative status effects when using Sweeping Laser.
  • Destroy Armor - After hitting the target, inflict 2 stacks of Weakend DEF and can be used with Bass Buster's Sabotage Beam

Passive Skills:

Bassnium Reduced damage taken by 10%.
Buster Mastery Increase damage by 20% when equipping a buster.
Treble Boost Become accelerated after using Sweeping Laser, increasing movement speed by 35%.

When you hit an invulnerable target, you gain invulnerability status as well. This effect may only be triggered again after 3 seconds. *However, this effect will not work on targets that are immune to debuffs.
When you are attacked, there's a low chance to activate this skill and the 3 second CD restriction will not apply.

Evil Energy Use Bass Buster repeatedly, and this effect can only be triggered once more after an 8-second cooldown. Use Sweeping Laser repeatedly, and this effect can only be triggered once more after a 10-second cooldown.

Damage data charts

Mega Man & Bass

Damage values in units in Mega Man & Bass.

TBgba.png Treble Boost
Boss Damage
Cold Man 2
Ground Man 2
Astro Man 2
Tengu Man 2
Pirate Man 2
Burner Man 2
Magic Man 2
Dynamo Man 2
Atetemino Proto 2
King Tank 2
King Plane 4
King 2
Jet King Robo 0
Wily Machine 2
Wily Capsule 2

Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha

Damage values in units in Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha.

R&F2TBicon.png Treble Boost
Boss Damage
Dangan Man 1
Konro Man 1
Aircon Man 1
Komuso Man 1
Clock Men 1
Compass Men 1
Rockman Shadow 1

Mega Man 10

Damage values in units in Mega Man 10.

MM10-TrebleBoost-Icon.png Treble Boost
Boss Damage
Blade Man 1
Pump Man 1
Commando Man 1
Chill Man 1
Sheep Man 1
Strike Man 1
Nitro Man 1
Solar Man 1
Weapons Archive (Elec Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Wood Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Gemini Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Ring Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Napalm Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Flame Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Slash Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Frost Man) 1
Weapons Archive (Tornado Man) 1
Crab Puncher 1
Block Devil 1
Wily Machine 10: 1st Phase 1
Wily Machine 10: 2nd Phase 1
Wily Capsule 1

Other media

Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man Gigamix

In Warrior's Day Off, Bass changed into Super Bass after being damaged in his battle in the amusement park to retreat.

In Power Battle, Bass changed into Super Bass to fly towards a neaby city and destory it inorder to force Mega Man to fight him at full power.

In The Greatest Enemy in History, Bass arrived at Copy Mega Man's location as Super Bass.

In To a Shining Morrow, Bass went to space as Super Bass to fight against the Stardroids, defeating Saturn.

Yamato Man

Rockman 7

Super Forte fights against Super Rockman inside the Wily Castle.

Rockman & Forte

Super Forte appears during the battle between Rockman and Tengu Man to fight against the latter. Super Forte lures Tengu Man to the atmosphere of Earth, making Tengu Man unable to use his wind attacks and beating him back to the aerial platform he was facing Rockman. Despite having advantage, Gospel forces Super Forte to retreat as it appears he used most of his energy, with Rockman and the injured Tengu Man resuming their battle.

Rockman 10 -Extra F-

Super Forte appears in the first panel from the manga searching for Rockman and Blues to finally defeat them.

Yamato Spear