Super Robot Wars X-Ω (スーパーロボット大戦X-Ωクロスオメガ Sūpā Robotto Taisen Kurosu Omega, "Super Robot Wars Cross Omega"), shortened as "SupCroΩ" (スパクロΩ SupaKuroΩ) or "SupCro" (スパクロ SupaKuro), is a tower defense game from the Super Robot Wars series released for iOS and Android mobile systems by Bandai Namco and Sega on October 5, 2015. It is free to play, but money is required for specific in-game items.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Mega Man series, a Rockman event was announced for the game in December 2017, with the event being held in January 2018.[1] During the event, Mega Man characters could be obtained to be used anytime in the game. The game also held a promotion in its official Twitter with Rockcan Sound E Can, Rockman X Giga Armor X and Rockman X Mega Mission Selection Box as prizes.[2]

Mega Man event


The Mega Man event, Battle Beyond Dimensions! (次元を超えた戦い!), was held during January 1-9, 2018.[3] The stages were divided in four parts: Scenario Quest (ten stages), Event Quest (eight stages), Event Training Quest (three training stages that granted more experience), and Powerful Enemy Event. The Gacha featured Mega Man and Proto Man.

Scenario Quest

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Scenario Quest is the event's story mode, containing ten stage that aren't difficult to complete.

1Large Gathering of Robots!
Land: PlainBass
Summary Mega Man (Rockman) and Roll are in a robot event, where several robots and cyborgs from different series are present, such as Nono, Renais, Jeremiah, Leopard, OVA, Ropet, Peter, and two Haros. Mega Man leaves the city to face Bass (Forte), who challenges Mega Man again to prove that he is the strongest. With the help of Rom and Gai, Mega Man manages to defeat Bass, and he teleports away. Back to the city, the eight Wily Numbers from Mega Man 2 appear to challenge Mega Man.
2Wily Numbers Appear!
Land: CityThe eight Wily Numbers
Summary Mega Man and his friends fight against Dr. Wily's eight robots. They appear to have advantage, but Wily sends Devil Satan No. 1 to the area and starts his plan to take over the world. With a whistle, Proto Man (Blues) appears to assist Mega Man and the other robots.
3With a Whistle
Land: CityBubble Man and Wood Man
Summary Devil Satan No. 1 and most of Wily's robots scatter, and Mega Man and his friends defeat Wood Man and Bubble Man.
4Stand Up! For Friends!
(立ち上がれ! 友の為に!)
Land: Military Base (Inside)Crash Man and Heat Man
Summary Devil Satan No. 1, Crash Man, and Heat Man attack Mega Man and Rom. Rom uses all his power to defeat them, managing to take down the two Wily Numbers, but Devil Satan No. 1 escapes.
5The Proud Warrior
Land: Military Base (Inside)Air Man and Quick Man
Summary Proto Man and Renais find an injured J and they recover his health. Air Man and Quick Man appear and attacks them, but the trio manages to overwhelm them, forcing the Wily robots to retreat.
6Courage and Power
Land: Military Base (Inside)Bass
Summary Bass attacks Gai and then leaves. When Mega Man and Rom arrive, Gai talks with Mega Man about Bass.
7Roll's Great Success!?
Land: Military Base (Inside)Metal Man and Flash Man
Summary Roll, Leina, Jeremiah, Leopard, OVA, Ropet, Peter, the Haros and Birdy are attacked by Flash Man and Metal Man. Due to their numeric advantage and Jeremiah's Geass Canceller apparently being able to disrupt Flash Man's Time Stopper, they manage to stand against the two Wily Numbers. When Buster Machine 7 appears to assist them, they manage to defeat Wily's robots, forcing them to retreat. Meanwhile, Wily and Devil Satan No. 1 have a dialogue.
8Showdown! Dr. Wily!
(対決! Dr.ワイリー!)
Land: Military Base (Inside)The eight Wily Numbers
Summary Mega Man and his friends fight against the eight Wily Numbers again.
9The Strongest Forte!
Land: Military Base (Inside)Bass
Summary Using W Energy, Bass becomes more powerful and beats down the heroes.
10Fight for the Future! Rockman!
(未来を守れ! ロックマン!)
Land: WildernessBass
Summary Mega Man defeats Bass, but Dr. Wily and Devil Satan No. 1 escape.

Event Quest

Event Quest is a mode where each of the eight Wily Numbers has a stage, and the player can obtain them as support characters by completing their stages with a S Rank, and as playable Battle Units by obtaining the four items available in the stages. Completing a stage will unlock the next, the order they are unlocked being Flash Man, Bubble Man, Quick Man, Wood Man, Metal Man, Crash Man, Heat Man, and Air Man. During the event, each boss will cause more damage against other boss, the weakness circle being Flash Man > Quick Man > Metal Man > Bubble Man > Heat Man > Wood Man> Air Man > Crash Man > Flash Man.

Powerful Enemy Event


After completing any stage, the player could receive a message that he is being challenged by a powerful enemy. The "Powerful Enemy Event" (強敵イベント Kyōteki Ibento) stages use Battle Points (BP, represented as E Tanks in the event) instead of AP, and the player's units fight against Bass, becoming progressively stronger with each victory. Each stage is available for a limited time, with Bass returning later if the player is unable to enter the stage. On rare occasions one of the Wily Numbers will appear on his place, and their stats are higher. If the stage is difficult, a player can be assisted by other players, and players that defeat one of the Wily Numbers will have a chance to gain the boss as a playable unit, being the only way to obtain additional copies of the Wily Numbers.[4]

The player is rewarded with each victory, and some special rewards depend on the total number of victories, which included the Pilot Parts for Proto Man, Mega Man, and Bass (25, 50, and 75 victories, respectively), Dr. Wily as a Support Unit (100 victories), the Support Unit Ikumi Kaidou (140 victories), and five copies of the Battle Unit Forte☆ (one with 35, 60, 90, 110, and 120 victories). The player also gained coins for Event Gachas, which included a small chance to obtain Forte☆ and chips to trade for materials or a Forte☆.


  • Limited Time Gacha: Powerful Enemy Gacha Support Festival - By using Ω Crystals, the player had a chance to obtain SSR Rockman, SR Rockman, SSR Blues, and other units.[5][6]
  • Event Gacha: Rockman or Blues Gacha - Gacha featuring SSR Rockman and SSR Blues that required Rockman Tickets (represented as an 1-UP). Also included SR Rockman and other units of rarity SR and R. By using 12 Rockman Tickets together, the player was guaranteed to obtain either a SSR Rockman or a SSR Blues. Rockman Tickets could be obtained by using the Powerful Enemy Gacha Support Festival, and before the event it could be obtained in December 2017 by using EX Tickets.[7]

Powerful Enemy Coins obtained in the Strongest Enemy Event could be used in two gachas:

  • Event Gacha: Powerful Enemy Gacha - The player had a chance to obtain extra copies of Forte☆.
  • Event Gacha: Powerful Enemy Event Special Gacha - Contains some units related to the Rockman Scenario Quest, even if indirectly, like Mugen Calibur, and GoShogun.[8]

Both Powerful Enemy gachas granted "Powerful Enemy Chips" for trades.



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