The Support Car (サポートカー Sapōto Kā), also known as Rock Support Car, is a vehicle in the game Mega Man Legends.


The Support Car was given to Mega Man Volnutt by the couple in the Junk Shop of Apple Market as thanks for helping them. The car was used by the couple when they were young, the Spotter husband giving support to the Digger wife. While it is no longer able to run, they give the car so Mega Man can use it to exchange Buster Parts and other equipments. The old car is located broken near the entrance of Apple Market, but once received, Roll Caskett fixes it after the first attack from the Bonne family. The Support Car can be used to transport Mega Man around the island, develop new items, change Special Weapons, recover energy, and save the game with Data.

On the way to the Cardon Ruins Sub Gate, Roll uses the Support Car to follow Mega Man to the entrance as he clears the way from the Servbots so it can pass safely. If needed, Mega Man can enter the car to escape the area and try again. In the Sub Gate, Roll destroys the fence blocking the entrance by ramming the Support Car into it. If the player stays on the way of the car, Roll will accidentally hit Mega Man as she isn't used to driving, causing some damage to him. The Support Car was apparently left behind on Kattelox Island after the Caskett family leaves the island with the Flutter.


Support Car specifications from Rockman DASH - Capcom Koushiki Settei Shiryoushuu - Daibouken Guide.

  • Height: 2.8 m
  • Length: 4.35 m
  • Width: 2.65 m
  • Max. speed: 215 km/h

Other media

The Support Car appears in the Rockman DASH manhua, where Roll ends up hitting some police officers due to her poor driving skills.



  • The Support Car's license plate is RSW 69. RSW is apparently derived from its name in concept art, "Rock Support Wagon", while 69 is a pun of Mega Man's Japanese name, Rock.
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