Suzak & Fenix, known as Suzak & Phoenik (スザック&フェニック Suzakku & Fenikku) in Japan, are a pair of firebirds who appear as a mini-boss twice in Mega Man 10. They appear in Solar Man's stage, and reappear again in the second Wily Stage.


The two always fly at opposite ends of the room, one near the ceiling and one near the floor.

  • The bird closest to the ceiling will attack by shooting a group of flames at Mega Man, which remain active for a few seconds after hitting the ground.
  • The two birds move around the room by turning into flames and crossing the room at the same time.
  • Each bird has a separate set of hit points and must be individually defeated.
  • On Easy Mode, each bird shoots two flames at a time (standing still and just using the Mega Buster while jumping over the flame dash attack works best for this mode), while on Normal and Hard Modes, each fires three (thus diminishing the trick mentioned before).

The Water Shield can dispose of each bird quickly by activating it near the bird closest to the ground. This may not be desirable, however, as the Water Shield will likely be saved for use on Solar Man. Staying near the center of the room is advisable as it makes it easier to jump over the lower bird when it crosses the room. Damaging the birds is easy, the difficulty is learning where to stand to avoid the falling flames. Alternatives to that strategy are using well-placed Commando Bombs. Triple Blades also work well, and maybe a few Rebound Strikers could reach the one above as well with Wheel Cutter to climb the walls and attack (although slow works it gets the job done). A weapon conservationist would use the Mega Buster which is fairly easy using the trick described an earlier. The Thunder Wool can also be used as an alternative.


  • Fenix's name was likely derived from the Phoenix, an ancient mythological firebird.
  • Fenix means phoenix in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Suzak's name is derived from Suzaku, the Japanese name of the Vermilion Bird.
  • Suzak & Fenix may be an allusion to Heat Man, as they throw fireballs at the player which burn on the ground for a few moments, and also dash in a similar way to Heat Man.
  • The orange bird could be Fenix, and the purple one could be Suzak.
  • They also bear a resemblance to Lechku and Nechku from Okami, another game made by Capcom.

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