Syacclea, as seen on a map.

Syacclea is a large snowy land mass between Creamland and Sharo. Ownership of the land caused a long standing dispute from the two countries before a jointly-made Cross Fusion research facility was commissioned in Syacclea in hopes of improving relations between the two. Raika, a NetSavior from Sharo, oversaw its construction and escorted Princess Pride of Creamland during her inspection when Asteroid AirMan.EXE attacked the facility on the orders of General Koudo in an attempt of keeping hostility between the two countries going, holding onto the idea that Sharo was Creamland's enemy and that one day they will strike. A castle that was owned by Creamland 400 years before the start of the series is in Syacclea. Princess Pride went there secretly to play as a child, and General Koudo was using it to make an army of Asteroid AirMen for Creamland to attack Sharo with, though they are destroyed by KnightMan.EXE. Icy Asteroid Castle

Syacclea appears to have many hills and some ravines, and can suffer from severe snow storms.


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