T. Khamen (T.カーメン T. Kāmen) is a large, sphinx-like miniboss encountered twice in Uranus' stage in Mega Man V. It does not move, but is mounted on the right side of the screen over a bed of deadly spikes. Mega Man must stand on a shifting, floating platform above the spikes and fire at the boss's face to inflict damage. T. Khamen attacks by firing rocks from its chest (which do not inflict damage, but can push Mega Man off the platform) and by dropping rocks from a series of compartments above the platform. A small arrow above the compartments will light up at random, showing where a rock will fall.

Mega Man can jump onto to the projectile blocks to create an easier firing point for the Mega Arm. The Photon Missile is extremely effective while fighting it, and can defeat it in as little as three missiles. It is also vulnerable to the Electric Shock and the Black Hole, both of which can damage T. Khamen without the extra height of the projectile blocks.


  • In early versions of Mega Man 4, Pharaoh Man's stage contained a sphinx-themed miniboss that bears many similarities in appearance to T. Khamen. Screenshots show that Mega Man may have also fought this sphinx boss by standing on moving rocks to achieve the height needed to damage the enemy. This boss was removed before the final version.

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