TEPPEN (stylized as TEPPƎN) is a freemium card game developed by GungHo Online Entertainment released for iOS and Android devices in July 2019. It features characters from several Capcom franchises, starting with Mega Man X, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and Darkstalkers, and later including Ōkami, Sengoku BASARA, Strider, Ace Attorney, Dead Rising, Breath of Fire, and Red Earth.


In this game, Capcom characters are reimagined in a fantastical post apocalyptic world, and are given more dramatic backstories that motivate them to seek out a place known as The Land of Illusion. Story information is also told with collecting and piecing together lore from cards and artwork.

X is a robot created by an ancient civilization that awakened in the present after a long slumber. With the ancient civilization long gone and destroyed upon a great war that continues long into the future between robot armies, X decides to travel to the Land of Illusion to find answers to the mysterious past that he cannot recall.[1] Zero appears also as a wandering amnesiac, but continues on as a heroic figure along his own search for the truth.[2]


Hero Series Color Hero Arts
Ryu Street Fighter Red Shinku Hadoken Denjin Renki Metsu Shoryuken
Rathalos Monster Hunter Red Dive Attack Wrath Awoken Blazing Wall
X Mega Man X Green Heart Tank Charge Shot Gaea Armor
Chun-Li Street Fighter Green Kikosho Hyakuretsukyaku Yawn
Morrigan Darkstalkers Purple Temptation Darkness Illusion Shadow Blade
Dante Devil May Cry Purple Quicksilver Ebony & Ivory Devil Trigger
Wesker Resident Evil Black Dark Destruction Uroboros Bringer of Nightmares
Nergigante Monster Hunter Black Spike Divebomb Spike Launch Change Form
Jill Valentine Resident Evil Red Ultimate Weapon Genesis Antibody Activation
Nero Devil May Cry Green Devil Breaker True Power Hey, Nico!
Akuma Street Fighter Black Raging Demon Sekia Kuretsuha Ashura Senku
Zero Mega Man X Purple Fight Against Inner Demons Rakuhouha Tenkuuha
Felyne Monster Hunter Green Shieldspire Coral Orchestra Plunderblade
Amaterasu Ōkami Red Great Divine Intervention Thunder Edge Celestial Envoy's Miracle
Oichi Sengoku BASARA Black Dancing Dead Despair, wail, and perish! Dark Invitation
Ada Wong Resident Evil Purple Blackout Mirage Decoy Break Away

Mega Man X cards

List of TEPPEN cards featuring Mega Man X content.

Basic cards

Image No. Name Type Rarity
Red cards
Pushing himself ever further for the sake of his comrades, this proud reploid's blade can cleave any enemy in two. RATHALOS 002 Colonel Unit (Machine) Common
Signas is a tactical genius who leads the Maverick Hunters with a cool head. If anyone can unite reploids and humans, it's him. JILL 002 Signas Unit (Machine) Common
Green cards
This nameless robot woke up to find itself inside ancient ruins. Even now it awaits orders that will never come. X 001 Metall C-15 Unit (Machine) Common
Collection, analysis, accounting for all possible situations... No matter the enemy, her job never changes. X 005 Alia Unit (Machine) Rare
The glorious civilization may be gone, but the war continues unabated. What does this mechanical girl search for? X 007 Iris Unit (Machine) Epic
An advanced being from the ancient past, reactivated as a modern-day guardian. Was his awakening chance or destined? X 008 X Unit (Machine) Epic
There is more to war than merely attacking the other side. At times, preparation is key, and that time is now. X 009 Secure Supply Route Action Common
With the soldiers in danger, supply orders race across the battlefield. Quick decisions may save countless lives. X 010 Supply Action Common
Only faint vestiges of memory remain, yet they are precisely what inspire those who hold them to press ever forward. X 011 Sibling Memories Action Common
The battle continues. The injured reploid from the past undergoes treatment before returning to the battlefield. X 012 First Aid Action Rare
Scenes he doesn't recognize flash before his eyes. Even now, the warrior questions the purpose behind his power. X 013 Paradox Action Epic
Huh... I'm getting a large number of strange readings from the surrounding area. Here, let me find you a route-that's my specialty. NERO 004 Pallette Unit (Machine) Common
Purple cards
Lumine copies all manner of abilities in order to further reploid evolution. His smile hides something sinister. DANTE 002 Lumine Unit (Machine) Common
His original home has long since vanished, but as long as evil remains in the world, he will continue to fight it. MORRIGAN 006 Zero Unit (Machine) Rare
An assassin who silently dispatches his targets. With a dizzying array of crafty tactics at his disposal, he confounds his victims and swiftly scatters them to the winds. ZERO 002 Magna Centipede Unit (Machine) Common
Was that the sound of crackling overhead? The hapless intruders were surrounded by a cacophony of clattering bones. Heeding their master's command, the bats spread their wings in the darkness. ZERO 003 Batton Bone Unit (Machine) Common
Card ZERO 005 Dark Necrobat Unit (Machine) Rare
Card ZERO 007 Blast Hornet Unit (Machine) Epic
His body and soul were torn asunder when his fate was revealed to him. Even still, he walks the path of justice-believing that answers await at the end of his battle. ZERO 008 Zero Unit (Machine) Epic
He fearlessly goes to battle, even at the risk of death and dismemberment. He may be only a simple grunt, but he has the resolve to stand against even the mightiest of foes. ZERO 009 Repairs Action Common
The crimson legend handles his sword with such speed and grace that it seems like time stands still for him. The blade's trail of light traces an arc, carving a path for the flash to follow. ZERO 010 Z-Saber Action Common
His reddened field of vision bled away into darkness. It was only after he realized his grave sins that the cloud of destructive impulses cleared from his mind. ZERO 011 Systems Offline Action Common
Dwelling in a sea of deep thought, his synapses grow ever sharper. They fire faster than light, leaving even time itself behind. ZERO 012 Accelerated Thought Action Rare
Card ZERO 013 SA-Class Prowess Action Epic
Known as the Crystal Mage, this fiend has mastered the power of Crystal Hunter. He retreats into his rock-solid shell to spin violently at his foes and confound the one who would bring him to justice. ADAW 003 Crystal Snail Unit (Machine) Common
His steel carapace conjures up an all-consuming gravity well, from which not even light can escape. From within the devouring storm, his eyes burn with vengeance. ADAW 005 Gravity Beetle Unit (Machine) Rare
His mind was under the control of the compulsion to destroy. Branded by the curse of wicked genius, the red tempest rages. ADAW 007 Zero Unit (Machine) Epic
Black cards
Card WESKER 006 Vile Unit (Machine) Rare
Card NERGIGANTE 002 Isoc Unit (Machine) Common
Card AKUMA 006 High Max Unit (Machine) Rare

Core set

The Core card pack was released alongside the game on July 2019.

Image No. Name Type Rarity
Red cards
Card COR 003 Axl Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 009 Overdrive Ostrich Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 010 Flame Stag Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 011 Gun Volt Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 017 Storm Eagle Unit (Machine) Rare
Card COR 018 Neon Tiger Unit (Machine) Rare
Card COR 022 Colonel Unit (Machine) Epic
Card COR 033 Sense of Duty Action Common
Card COR 037 Storm Tornado Action Rare
Card COR 042 Attack From Above Action Epic
Green cards
Card COR 046 Metall C-15 Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 054 Hoganmer Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 055 Bubble Crab Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 056 Armored Armadillo Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 061 Crescent Grizzly Unit (Machine) Rare
Card COR 067 Iris Unit (Machine) Epic
Card COR 070 Advanced Artifact X Unit (Machine) Legendary
Card Secret
Card COR 074 Disarm Action Common
Card COR 082 Emergency Aid Action Rare
Card COR 085 Emergency Strike Action Epic
Card COR 086 Overwhelming Force Action Epic
Purple cards
Card COR 095 Ladder Yadder Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 105 Boomer Kuwanger Unit (Machine) Rare
Card COR 106 Web Spider Unit (Machine) Rare
Card COR 118 Fake Intel Action Common
Card COR 120 Erased Memories Action Common
Card COR 121 Crystal Hunter Action Common
Card COR 131 Dark Hold Action Epic
Card COR 135 Brainwashed Action Legendary
Black cards
Card COR 139 Wheel Gator Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 140 Raider Killer Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 143 Dynamo Unit (Machine) Common
Card COR 157 Vile Unit (Machine) Epic
Card COR 162 Forced Revival Action Common
Card COR 169 Cruel Game Action Common
Card COR 177 Possessing Malice Action Epic

Day of Nightmares

Day of Nightmares is an expansion released on Septemper 2019 that included 100 cards (Excluding alternate illustrations and Explore cards. Same for following expansions.), the Hero Jill Valentine (with 13 Basic Cards), and the abilities Explore and Spillover.

Image No. Name Type Rarity
Red cards
Card DON 004 Metal Wing Unit (Machine) Common
Card DON 005 Slash Beast Unit (Machine) Common
Card DON 011 Burn Rooster Unit (Machine) Rare
Card DON 024 Unbreakable Bond Action Epic
Green cards
Card DON 034 Layer Unit (Machine) Rare
Card DON 035 Armor Soldier Unit (Machine) Common
Card DON 038 Alia Unit (Machine) Epic
Card Secret
Card DON 041 General, Reploid Leader Unit (Machine) Legendary
Card DON 048 Auto-Heal Action Common
Card DON 050 A-Trans Action Legendary
Purple cards
Card DON 059 Sting Chameleon Unit (Machine) Rare
Card DON 074 New-Generation Reploids Action Epic
Black cards
Card DON 077 Burn Dinorex Unit (Machine) Common
Card DON 086 High Max Unit (Machine) Rare
Card DON 088 Vile MK-II Unit (Machine) Epic
Card DON 099 Rebirth Action Epic

The Devils Awaken

The Devils Awaken is an expansion released on October 2019 that included 100 cards, the Hero Nero (with 13 Basic Cards), and the abilities Growth and Anti-Air.

Image No. Name Type Rarity
Red cards
Card TDA 006 Thunder Slimer Unit (Machine) Common
Card TDA 011 Chill Penguin Unit (Machine) Epic
Card Secret
Card TDA 017 Torchbearer Axl Unit (Machine) Legendary
Green cards
Card TDA 026 Mole Bore Unit (Machine) Common
Card TDA 031 RT-55J Unit (Machine) Common
Card TDA 034 Blizzard Buffalo Unit (Machine) Rare
Card TDA 036 Ground Scaravich Unit (Machine) Rare
Card TDA 039 Godkarmachine O Inary Unit (Machine) Epic
Card TDA 043 Defensive Field Action Common
Card TDA 049 17th Elite Unit Action Epic
Purple cards
Card TDA 061 Morph Moth Unit (Machine) Rare
Card TDA 065 Lumine Unit (Machine) Epic
Card Secret
Black cards
Card TDA 085 Double Unit (Machine) Rare
Card TDA 089 Dynamo Unit (Machine) Epic
Card TDA 094 Animosity Action Common

The Force Seekers

The Force Seekers is an expansion released on January 2020 that included 100 cards, the Hero Akuma (with 13 Basic Cards), the ability Ascended, and skins for the Heroes.

Image No. Name Type Rarity
Red cards
Card TFS 005 Spiral Pegasus Unit (Machine) Common
Card TFS 006 Mega Tortoise Unit (Machine) Common
Card TFS 010 Blizzard Wolfang Unit (Machine) Rare
Card TFS 017 Infernal Magma Dragon Unit (Machine) Legendary
Card TFS 021 Full-Power Punch Action Rare
Card TFS 025 Disloyal Follower Action Legendary
Green cards
Card TFS 029 Crusher Unit (Machine) Common
Card TFS 036 Blaze Heatnix Unit (Machine) Rare
Card TFS 040 Rainy Turtloid Unit (Machine) Epic
Card TFS 044 Sky's Rebellion Action Common
Purple cards
Card TFS 060 Nightmare Mother Unit (Machine) Rare
Black cards
Card TFS 086 Gate Unit (Machine) Rare
Card TFS 090 High Max Unit (Machine) Epic
Card TFS 092 Merciless Destroyer Vile Unit (Machine) Legendary
Card TFS 097 Pleasure in Destruction Action Rare

Haunted by Memories

Haunted by Memories is an expansion released on March 2020 that included 101 cards, the Hero Zero (with 13 Basic Cards), and the abilities Memory and ∞ Revenge.

Image No. Name Type Rarity
Red cards
Card HBM 006 Bit Unit (Machine) Rare
Card HBM 008 Overdrive Ostrich Unit (Machine) Rare
Card HMB 009 Red Unit (Machine) Epic
Card HMB 015 Tag Team Action Common
Card HMB 016 Faithful Brother Action Rare
Card HMB 018 7th Airbone Unit Action Rare
Green cards
Card HBM 026 X Unit (Machine) Common
Card Secret
Card HBM 030 Iris Unit (Machine) Common
Card HBM 037 Ally's Consolation Action Common
Card HBM 039 Fusion Action Common
Card HBM 045 Lighting Fast Action Epic
Card HBM 047 Beautiful Romance Action Epic
Card HBM 049 Hope for the Future Action Legendary
Purple cards
Card HBM 056 Metal Shark Player Unit (Machine) Rare
Card HBM 057 Serges Unit (Machine) Rare
Card HBM 061 Hidden Threat Zero Unit (Machine) Legendary
Card HBM 072 Loss of Meaning Action Epic
Card HBM 075 X-Hunters Action Legendary
Card HBM 076 Maverick's Memories Action Legendary
Black cards
Card HBM 078 Velguarder Unit (Machine) Common
Card HBM 083 Gate Unit (Machine) Rare
Card HBM 087 Civilization Rebel Sigma Unit (Machine) Legendary
Card HBM 088 Destruction's Demand Action Common
Card HBM 094 Warped Research Instinct Action Rare
Card HBM 101 Rebel's Memories Action Legendary

Adventures of a Tiny Hero

Adventures of a Tiny Hero is an expansion released on July 1, 2020 that included 100 cards, the Hero Felyne (with 13 Basic Cards), and a revamp of the Tribe attribute. All of the card's Flavor Texts in this expansion are told from the Felyne's perspective.

Image No. Name Type Rarity
Red cards
Card ATH 006 Cannon Driver Unit (Machine) Common
Card ATH 010 Chill Penguin Unit (Machine) Rare
Card ATH 015 Flame Hyenard Unit (Machine) Epic
Card ATH 021 Riding the Giant Weapon Action Rare
Green cards
Card ATH 029 Snow Slider Unit (Machine) Common
Card ATH 031 Rush Roader Unit (Machine) Common
Card ATH 033 Bamboo Pandamonium Unit (Machine) Rare
Card ATH 037 Crescent Grizzly Unit (Machine) Epic
Purple cards
Card ATH 063 Frost Walrus Unit (Machine) Epic
Card ATH 073 Uncanny Chill Action Epic

The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni

天都ノ國絵巻 The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni is an expansion released on October 2020 that included 100 cards, the Hero Amaterasu (with 13 Basic Cards), and two new tribes: Kami and Spirit. The cards from this set focuses on content from two new series included in the game: Ōkami and Sengoku BASARA.

The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni

天都ノ國合戦 The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni is an expansion released on January 2021 that included 100 cards, the Hero Oichi (with 13 Basic Cards), and the Art Charge ability. Like the previous set, the cards from this set focuses on content from Ōkami and Sengoku BASARA.

A Dark Agenda

A Dark Agenda is an expansion released on March 1, 2021 that included 100 cards, the Hero Ada Wong (with 13 Basic Cards), and a new series, Strider.

Image No. Name Type (Tribe) Rarity
Red cards
Card ADA 001 Colonel Unit (Machine) Common
Green cards
Card ADA 027 Iris Unit (Machine) Common
Card ADA 035 X Unit (Machine) Epic
Card ADA 040 Tragic Rampage Action Common
Card ADA 046 Mission or Machination Action Epic
Purple cards
Card ADA 062 Zero Unit (Machine) Epic
Card ADA 073 Memory Control Action Epic

Ace vs. the People

Ace vs. the People is an expansion released on April 30, 2021 that included 100 cards, the ability Evidence, and two new series, Ace Attorney and Dead Rising. Phoenix Wright was included as an EX Skin for Chun-Li, having his own animations.

Image No. Name Type (Tribe) Rarity
Green cards
A self-proclaimed treasure hunter and archaeologist who was found conducting his own investigation into the ruins that were discovered in Central Park back in May. There's something odd about him. Is he a robot? AVP 028 Ground Scaravich Unit (Machine) Common
Take a look at this striking fellow! See its massive front limbs, protected by that glossy ultramarine carapace? See how its head juts out like a horn? But the real attention-grabber is the green stuff it secretes. If you want to see fireworks, look no further! AVP 031 Brachydios Unit (Monster) Rare
Purple cards
Behold: a towering monstrosity, the dark sheen of its gigantic body set off by the blaze of its single blood-red eye! Perfect for the role, wouldn't you say? But that's not all! It can disassemble and reassemble itself at will! Even if the Steel Samurai lands a crushing Samurai Slap, it'll pull itself back together in no time at all. AVP 054 Shadow Devil Unit (Machine) Common
Black cards
It might not look special at first, but its powers are the real deal. It can regrow its body parts, making it impossible to leave lasting damage on it! Not even the Steel Samurai's Samurai Spear stands a chance against this thing... I guarantee you won't be disapponted! AVP 079 Regenerador Unit (Creature) Common
The underworld broker from Larry's testimony. It seems that he made the arrangements for the Steel Samurai's opponents, but both his identity and subsequent whereabouts are unknown. AVP 084 Dynamo Unit (Machine) Epic
These ruins appeared in May, revealed by the sudden collapse of the ground into a sinkhole. Demons lurked within, and the ruins were off-limits until the threat was eradicated. With the demons gone, it is now possible to investigate inside. AVP 087 Central Park Ruins Action Common
Ah, Mr. Larry Butz... We meet at last. I hear you're in need of monsters for the show... Something guaranteed to shock and amaze. Well, I think I've got just the thing for you. Want to take a look? I promise you'll like what I've got in store... AVP 092 Underworld Broker Action Rare

Dragons of War

Dragons of War is an expansion released on July 1, 2021 that included 100 cards, the ability Quest, and a new series, Breath of Fire. Nina was included as an EX Skin for Jill Valentine, having her own animations.

Image No. Name Type (Tribe) Rarity
Red cards
Card DOW 016 Flare Action Common
Card DOW 019 Inferno Action Rare
Card DOW 023 Ride Armor Momo Action Epic
Purple cards
Card DOW 050 The Heroes' Charge Action Legendary
Purple cards
Card DOW 065 Frost Action Common
Card DOW 070 Blizzard Action Rare
Card DOW 074 Defying the Massacre Action Epic
Card DOW 075 The Divine Army's Fall Action Legendary
Black cards
Card DOW 078 Victoroid Unit (Machine) Common
Card DOW 079 Spycopter Unit (Machine) Common
Card DOW 080 Utuboros Unit (Machine) Common
Card DOW 084 Eregion Unit (Machine) Rare
Card DOW 092 Lavaburst Action Common
Card DOW 099 Brood-Slayers' Oracle Action Epic

Island of Fear

Island of Fear is an expansion released on September 1, 2021 that included 101 cards. The ability Victory was renamed as Decimate. The story is based on Resident Evil: Revelations 2, featuring a number of persons getting captured and sent to an island controlled by Alex Wesker that is full of dangers. The victims, which include Axl, Red, Cinnamon, and Spider, were given bracelets that will corrupt them with a virus if they get too afraid. To escape the island, they must find four crests and set them on an old teleportation capsule.

Image No. Name Type (Tribe) Rarity
Red cards
4 4 3 IOF 002 Bladey Unit (Machine) Common
3 1 5 IOF 003 Aclanda Unit (Machine) Common
4 3 5 IOF 004 Red Unit (Machine) Common
3 1 8 IOF 006 Axl Unit (Machine) Rare
Card Secret
5 2 3 IOF 011 Spider Unit (Machine) Epic
2 IOF 016 Savage Bite Action Common
3 IOF 023 I Will Not Miss Action Epic
1 IOF 024 Discord Action Epic
Green cards
4 4 4 IOF 028 Jango Unit (Machine) Common
5 5 5 IOF 034 Disk Boy 08 Unit (Machine) Rare
3 1 5 IOF 039 Nurse Survivor Cinnamon Unit (Machine) Legendary
3 IOF 047 Ally's Treatment Action Epic
2 IOF 048 The Only Escape Action Epic
4 IOF 050 Stay Close Action Legendary
Purple cards
4 2 7 IOF 052 Dr. Psyche Unit (Machine) Common
4 2 6 IOF 055 Old Robot Unit (Machine) Common
4 IOF 067 Scrap Manipulator Action Common
2 IOF 071 Abduction Action Rare
Black cards
5 3 7 IOF 086 Deviljho Unit (Monster) Epic
2 IOF 094 Machine Virus Action Rare

Mission of Ruin

Mission of Ruin is the twelfth expansion, released on November 5, 2021. It included 81 cards and the ability Faith. The story is focused on Myria gaining power through faith on her, be it willingly or forced, the Rebellion Army becoming part of her forces.

Image No. Name Type (Tribe) Rarity
Red cards
C MOR 001 Preon Chaser Unit (Machine) Common
C MOR 006 Mach Jentra Unit (Machine) Rare
C MOR 008 Ferham Unit (Machine) Epic
C MOR 009 Scarface Unit (Machine) Epic
C MOR 011 Rebel Guardian Epsilon Unit (Machine) Legendary
C MOR 014 Gentle Call Action Common
C MOR 016 Rite of Loyalty Action Rare
C MOR 019 Rebellion Army Action Epic
C MOR 020 Aid to Rebellion Action Legendary
Green cards
C MOR 023 Aile Unit (Machine) Common
C MOR 027 Nana Unit (Machine) Rare
C MOR 034 Resisting Coercion Action Common
C MOR 037 Underwater Intel Action Rare
C MOR 039 Prelude to Ruin Action Epic
Purple cards
C MOR 050 Incentas Unit (Machine) Epic
Black cards
C MOR 070 Botos Unit (Machine) Epic
C MOR 074 Theft and Betrayal Action Common

Breath of Resistance

Breath of Resistance is the thirteenth expansion, released on January 5, 2022. The expansion included 81 cards, the ability Coordination, and Red Earth content. The story focuses on the formation of a Resistance against Myria.

Image No. Name Type (Tribe) Rarity
Red cards
C BOR 011 Proud Soldier Colonel Unit (Machine) Legendary
C BOR 015 Knights' Duel Action Common
Green cards
C BOR 023 Douglas Unit (Machine) Common
C BOR 024 Tech Chief Unit (Human) Common
C BOR 027 Storm Owl Unit (Machine) Rare
C BOR 033 Analysis Program Action Common
C BOR 034 Call to Assemble Action Common
C BOR 036 Reviving the Flagship Action Rare
C BOR 038 Flagship Death Rogumer 2 Action Epic
C BOR 040 The Kanzuki Resistance Action Legendary
Purple cards
C BOR 044 Shining Firefly Unit (Machine) Common
C BOR 057 Analyzing the Light Action Rare
C BOR 055 Engines Reactivated Action Common
Black cards
C BOR 069 Dark Mantis Unit (Machine) Epic
C BOR 074 The Goddess or Death Action Common

Explore cards

Cards obtained only via the Explore ability from other cards.

Image No. Name Type Obtained from
Card T010 Detonation Action DON 001 Guile
TDA 001 Hellbat
Card T016 Agility Action DON 028 Kulu-Ya-Ku
Card T018 Chimera Ride Armor Action DON 035 Armor Soldier
DON 038 Alia
Card T019 Repliforce Action DON 041 General, Reploid Leader
Card T044 Trauma Action TFS 010 Blizzard Wolfang
Card T048 Maverick Action Zero's Fight Against Inner Demons
Card T049 Maverick Hunter Action Zero's Fight Against Inner Demons
Card T050 Cruel Mind Serges Unit (Machine) HBM 075 X-Hunters
Card T051 Dark Blade Agile Unit (Machine) HBM 075 X-Hunters
Card T052 Wrecking Ball Violen Unit (Machine) HBM 075 X-Hunters
Card T053 Necro-Centipede Unit (Machine) HBM 056 Metal Shark Player
Card T054 Stygian Bat Unit (Machine) ZERO 005 Dark Necrobat


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