"I'll make AsterLand a chain store all over the country!"
—Tab, Mega Man Battle Network 6

Tab, known as Asuta Omori (大森 明日太 Ōmori Asuta) in Japan, is a character from Mega Man Battle Network 6. He is one of Lan's classmates and works at the Battle Chip shop called AsterLand, which is owned by his family. He has a NormalNavi which only appears once in the storyline. He is a fervent admirer of Lan after the BlastMan.EXE accident at the Central Town school and addresses him as Mr. Hikari.

In the climax of the game, Tab, along with Lan, Mick, Iris and the rest of Lan's friends were invited for a preview of the Expo before the actual opening. The Expo turned out to be a trap by Lord Wily, who then sends HeelNavis occupying CopyBots to capture the group and terrorize Central Town. Lan was separated from his friends, and when he made his way back to the Expo site, Mick and the others were there to back him up against Yuika, Vic, and Prosecutor Ito, prompting the latter group to escape. Lan warns the others to get as far away from the Expo site as possible (the battle of the Cybeasts would be devastating).