Takara (タカラ lit. "Treasure") was a Japanese toy company founded in 1955. On March 1, 2006 it merged with the toy company Tomy to form Takara Tomy (タカラトミー). Starting with MegaMan NT Warrior Axess (Rockman.EXE Axess in Japan) in 2003, Takara became the primary manufacturer of toys from the series, including action figures, PETs, and Battle Chips. After becoming Takara Tomy, the company worked on toys from the Mega Man Star Force (Shooting Star Rockman) anime series.

Rockman.EXE Axess

Dragon Cube

Dragon Cube 33

Dragon Cube (ドラゴンキューブ) is a capsule toy line from Konami released between 2003-2004 in Japan in collaboration with other companies. It contained varying toys from several franchises, including Rockman.EXE alongside Takara.

Jumping Figure

Dragon Cube 33: Rockman.EXE Axess Jumping Figure (ロックマンエグゼ アクセス ジャンピングフィギュア) is a line containing one of five jumping figures and Advanced PET Battle Chips (Hi-Cannon, Flame Line 2, Heat V, Bubble V and Mini Bomb.[1]) It was released in March 2004.[2]

Jumping Figures

Line up:

Metal Plate

Fire Soul Metal Plate

Dragon Cube 44: Rockman.EXE Axess Metal Plate (ロックマンエグゼ アクセス メタルプレート) is a line contains twelve metal plates with a picture of MegaMan.EXE (Rockman.EXE) with a Double Soul (Soul Unison). Each Metal Plate comes alongside a Battle Chip. It was released in May 2004.

Line up:

Plate Battle Chip[1]
Search Soul Gun del Sol 1
Blues Soul Variable Sword
Guts Soul Guts Punch 1
Metal Soul Discord
Aqua Soul Super Kitakaze
Wind Soul Propeller Bomb 3
Thunder Soul Mag Bolt 3
Junk Soul Bad Medicine
Fire Soul Meteor Rain 1
Wood Soul Dark Hole
Roll Soul Waraningyou
Number Soul Panel Shoot 2

Ball Chain Figure

Dragon Cube 54: Rockman.EXE Axess Ball Chain Figure (ロックマンエグゼ アクセス ボールチェーンフィギュア) is a line containing five keychain figures and Battle Chips. Being released by Konami, this line contains all Gun del Sol chips from the Boktai series. Released in August 2004.

Line up:

Keychain Battle Chip[1][3]
Blues Soul Gun del Sol 1
Fire Soul Gun del Sol 2
Wind Soul Gun del Sol 3
Wood Soul Gun del Sol EX
Aqua Soul Aqua Upper 1

Battle Cube

Battle Cube (バトルキューブ) is a toy similar to Rubik's Cube that comes in two colors, each in three types: Normal, Mega and Giga. Each of the six cubes come with an Advanced PET Battle Chip, including Gun del Sol 2 and Poison Anubis.[4]

Collection Can Badge

Collection Can Badge

Collection Can Badge (コレクションカンバッチ) is a box containing one random badge out of 24 possible pictures.

Curling Attack

Curling Attack (カーリングアタック) is a figure above a curling toy released by Takara. It comes with a Battle Chip.

Battle Plaction

Battle Plaction (バトルプラクション Batoru Purakushon) is a series of figures released by Takara in the 2000s.

Battle Plaction PR-01 PR-01 Rockman
Battle Chip Mega Cannon
PR-02 Gutsman PR-02 Gutsman
Battle Chip Flame Line 2
PR-03 Metalman PR-03 Metalman
Battle Chip Counter 2
PR-04 Blues PR-04 Blues
Battle Chip Wide Blade
PR-05 Searchman PR-05 Searchman
Battle Chip Metal Gear 1
PR-06 Shademan PR-06 Shademan
Battle Chip Flame Line 3

Soul Unison Model

Soul Unison Model (ソウルユニゾンモデル) is a series of figures that includes a MegaMan.EXE figure that can change parts to transform into a Double Soul (Soul Unison) form.

RS-01 RS-01 Blues Soul
Battle Chip Muramasa Blade
RS-02 RS-02 Guts Soul
Battle Chip Full Custom
RS-03 RS-03 Search Soul
Battle Chip Sanctuary
RS-04 RS-04 Metal Soul
Battle Chip Dream Aura
RS-05 RS-05 Wind Soul
Battle Chip Black Wing
RS-06 RS-06 Aqua Soul
Battle Chip Bug Chain

B-Daman Rockman Series

B-Daman Rockman Series

B-Daman Rockman Series is a small set from Takara's B-Daman marble shooting toy series featuring two characters from the MegaMan NT Warrior Axess anime series.

Figure Battle Chip
RB-01 B-Daman Rockman Mini Bomb
RB-02 B-Daman Blues Vulcan 1

Battle Chip Collection

Battle Chip Collection (バトルチップコレクション) is a set of miniatures from the Mega Man Battle Network series. Each miniature randomly comes with 2 out of 4 possible Battle Chips for the Advanced PET.

Line up

Vol. 1
RC-01 Rockman
Number RC-01
Battle Chips Air Shoot
Flame Line 1
Area Steal
Deathmatch 1
RC-02 Blues
Number RC-02
Battle Chips Long Sword
Counter 1
Energy Bomb
RC-03 Gutsman
Number RC-03
Battle Chips Bound Note 1
Air Hockey 1
Met Guard 2
RC-04 Roll
Number RC-04
Battle Chips Count Bomb
Recovery 30?
Recovery 50
Moko Rush 1?
RC-05 Fireman
Number RC-05
Battle Chips Heat Breath?
Fire Breath
Vulcan 2
Crack Out
RC-06 Woodman
Number RC-06
Battle Chips Side Bamboo 1
Met Guard 1
Stealth Mine
Panel Steal
Vol. 2
RC-07 Metalman
Number RC-07
Battle Chips Metalman
Double Crack
RC-08 Searchman
Number RC-08
Battle Chips Searchman
Mega Energy Bomb
Circle Gun 1
RC-09 Sparkman
Number RC-09
Battle Chips Sparkman
Mag Volt 1
Elec Shock
RC-10 Shademan
Number RC-10
Battle Chips Shademan
Sand Ring
Element Ice

Chara Wrist Band

Chara Wrist Band

Chara Wrist Band (キャラリストバンド) is a a box containing one of six wrist bands with a different color and picture of MegaMan.EXE. Each of them comes with one of two possible Battle Chips.

1-3 # Picture Battle Chips 4-6
1 Rockman Cross Fusion Air Shoot or Recovery 120
2 Blues Soul Wide Sword or Met Guard 1
3 Search Soul Boomerang 1 or Copy Damage
4 Wind Soul Counter 1 or Moko Rush 2
5 Fire Soul Big Hammer 1 or Recovery 30
6 Thunder Soul Air Hockey 1 or Bound Note 2

Battle Chip Tournament

Battle Chip Tournament

Battle Chip Tournament (バトルチップトーナメント) is a 2-4 players board game. It includes the Advanced PET Battle Chips Long Blade, Recovery 80 and Heavy Gauge.

Battle Search PET

Battle Search PET

Battle Search PET (バトルサーチペット) is a toy from the series released by Takara. It comes with a Guts Punch 1 Battle Chip.


Rockman.EXE Stream and Rockman.EXE Beast

Busting Navi Selection

Busting Navi Selection Vol. 1 box.

Busting Navi Selection (バスティングナビセレクション) is a series of Rockman.EXE Stream miniatures released by Takara. The boxes randomly contain one of six possible miniatures and a Progress PET Battle Chip. Each miniature has a full color version and a metallic version.

Volume 1
Vol1 # Figure Battle Chip Vol.1
1 Cross Fusion Rockman Ryuusei Gun
2 Blues Soul Neo Variable
3 Rockman Wide Shot 2
4 Blues Long Sword
5 Searchman Circle Gun
6 Magnetman Hiraishin
Volume 2
Vol2 # Figure Battle Chip Vol.2
1 Cross Fusion Rockman Holy Panel
2 Colonel Colonel
3 Rockman Wide Sword
4 Search Soul Searchman
5 Gyro Soul Air Wheel 2
6 Napalmman Fire Punch 2
Volume 2.5
Vol.2.5 # Figure Battle Chip Vol.2.5
1 Forte Cross Rockman Dark Invis
2 Nebula Gray Dark Recovery
3 Cross Fusion Rockman Kawarimi
4 Cross Fusion Searchman Count Bomb 2
5 Netto Hikari Steal Punish
6 Enzan Ijuuin Navi Scout
Volume 3
Vol3 # Figure Battle Chip Vol.3
1 Rockman Dream Aura
2 Forte Dark Plus
3 Duo Justice One
4 Colonel Long Blade
5 Cross Fusion Blues Custom Sword
6 Numberman Number Ball

Plug In Battle Model

Plug In Battle Model (プラグインバトルモデル) is a series of deluxe models.

DX-01 DX Rockman
Number RM-01
DX-02 DX Blues
Number RM-02

Transmission Model

Transmission Model (トランスミッションモデル) is a series of models based on the Rockman.EXE movie. Similar to the Soul Unison Model series, they include a MegaMan.EXE figure that can change parts to transform into Forte Cross Rockman and a Chaos Unison.

Golden Forte Cross Rockman & Blues Chaos
Number TM-01
Silver Forte Cross Rockman & Search Chaos
Number TM-02

Beast Out Model

Beast Out Model is a model of MegaMan in his Beast Out form.

BM-01 Beast Out Model - Rockman & Glaga Beast
(ビーストアウトモデル ロックマン&グレイガビースト)
Number BM-01
Battle Chip Justice One
BM-02 Beast Out Model - Rockman & Falzer Beast
(ビーストアウトモデル ロックマン&ファルザービースト)
Number BM-02
Battle Chip Ryuusei Gun


Shooting Star Rockman series

Wave Battle Model

Shooting Star Rockman Wave Battle Model (流星のロックマン ウェーブバトルモデル Ryuusei no Rokkuman Wēbu Batoru Moderu) is a Mega Man Star Force figure series released by Takara Tomy.

DX Rockman DX Rockman
Number WM-01
Virus Nainai
DX Ice Pegasus DX Ice Pegasus & Rockman
Number WM-02
Virus Metrio
DX Fire Leo DX Fire Leo & Rockman
Number WM-03
Virus Crowcar
DX Green Dragon DX Green Dragon & Rockman
Number WM-04
Virus Sawaniger


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