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Hi! D-Boy again (I would log in but I kinda forgot my password.  :P)

Anyway, I kinda like how people are including lists of the non-boss enemies. Hope to see more soon.

Oh, and also, I decided to take the initiative to help with the Mega Man X Maverick data. I like to find various walkthroughs to find what the names of the stages are, and even like to visit The Mega Man Home Page to find out the Japanese names of the Mavericks, to give extra knowledge. As for weapons, I like to visit Planet Mega Man for info on them. It's always nice to know your resources, and use them when possible.

Anyway, just letting you know that I'm doing my part as well to contribute to the knowledge base. Ja ne! --D-Boy Wheeler

Powered Up

Should we really have separate sections for Powered Up and the classic series? We don't know if Capcom will remake the whole series, but there's no reason to split it up before there's even a single word about Mega Man 2: Powered Up. It's best to be current than to prepare for a doubtful future. --Blaze Heatnix 01:07, 26 October 2006 (UTC)


I found a site with a list of cameos. Check them out. . --Blackzero

About ZXA...

ZX Advent's been out for a while now, so can we take out the "in the works" next to the link?