I remember reading an interview between Hitoshi Ariga and Inafune about that Quickman was designed to be something akin to a rival to Mega Man in Mega Man 2. Anyone knows if this is true and where can I find that interview?.

Edit: I found this on Tv Tropes: "Ariga: When I was playing 2, I always felt like Quick Man got some preferential treatment. On the stage select screen, his horns were allowed to go beyond the actual frame of the portrait, and when he appeared in-game, his horns would shine. Inafune: All of those things were intentional. We were trying to give him a special role in the game, as Mega Man's main rival. I guess you could compare him to Bass and Proto Man in the more recent games. We definitely gave him some preferential treatment, as we put in at least one and a half times more effort with him than we did with the other characters."

But it doesn't say where it came from, anyone knows?

Time Stopper

OK, so the Time Stopper stops Quick Man because of a defect in his programming. Fair enough. But now the question is, why does it damage him when it doesn't damage anything else it stops? --Kahran042 (talk) 01:35, September 19, 2012 (UTC)

According to Megaman Megamix volume 1 in Quick Man's and Flash Man's profiles, the way Quick Man's ability works is that he can manipulate the speed of light to speed up 2-3x faster than normal, which speeds up time in his immediate space and looks like he's moving really fast. Flashman's Time Stopper works also by manipulating the speed of light by reducing it to zero, and the conflicting abilities causes Quick Man's 'speed' to create a powerful gravitational field and for a moment a black hole-like effect that damages him.

...I looked directly at Flash Man's profile for this info. Seemed legit to me. 23:54, September 19, 2012 (UTC)

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