Good job taking care of the Classic Mega Man Joes (sort of)... but there are also Joes in the Mega Man X series. In X1, there are some mace-swinging Joes, and in X2, there are some Discus Joes... and there may be even more of them. --D-Boy

Neither of those are Joes, although they appear very similar. However, there are Joes that pilot Ride Armor in X1.

The "Electric Joe" is called Piriparee. This site confirms it:

Does no one else agree that the Sniper Armor is that games Big Eye? This is why I put that in parenthesis and yet someone edit it out again. Can someone offer a counter argument? Otherwise i'll put that re-edit that back in again.

Sniper Armor

4 words... TERRIBLE KANGAROO DINOSAUR ROBOT!!! Star kirby12 07:40, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

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