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For her video game counterpart, see Tamako Shiraizumi.

Tamako Shiraizumi (白泉たま子 Shiraizumi Tamako) is a character in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. A hot blooded women with a passion for NetBattles, Tamako became obsessed with battling Lan Hikari after the two first met, and pesters him to battle every time they cross paths.


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MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Tamako appears in two episodes of Axess. In episode 5, Lan and his friends went to Ura Inn. Lan walks into Tamako's shop and looks at her merchandise. She challenges him to a NetBattle, saying that if he wins he can take anything in the shop for free, but if he loses he will buy what she asks. However, they are unable to finish the NetBattle because of BubbleMan's meddling. Afterwards, Tamako shows up everywhere trying to battle Lan. She pops up in an assortment of places like beneath his table or in his dinner. Their battles are always interrupted by BubbleMan. When BubbleMan is spotted, they defeat him with their Navis and Lan leaves the next day.

In episode 17, she appears advertising her shop in a new gigantic shopping mall, the Sea Tower. Lan and Tamako battle again, under the conditions of if Lan won, he would get two cookies for free, but if he loses, he would have to buy two of them. Their battle was interrupted by SavageMan, and the place is attacked by Ms. Yuri. Lan lost his PET which fell into a crevice during the chaos. Tamako tries to stop its descent by using her hair ornament, but it still falls and hangs at a part of the wall out of reach. She and Mayl lower Lan to reach his PET, and MegaMan is able to defeat SavageMan using Metal Soul.

Rockman.EXE Beast+

Tamako makes a cameo in episode 23.

Tamako is turned into data by Cache along with Mariko, Yuriko, and the rest of the world in the series finale. She is restored when Netto and Rockman defeat Cache. Netto + Rockman


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