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Tanishi (タニッシー Tanisshī), also known as Crabbot in the Mega Man 2 instruction manual for the U.S., appears in Bubble Man's stage and in the third section of Dr. Wily's castle. With the exception of Metal Blade and Quick Boomerang, one shot is enough to defeat it in the normal difficulty on the NES version of Mega Man 2. However, in difficult mode, the player must shoot Tanishi twice; one to remove its shell and one to finish it off. A weapon that can be aimed low helps to finish it easier.

They also appear in both Mega Water S's Stage and Stage 2 of Wily Tower in Mega Man: The Wily Wars.


Crabbot's Japanese name is a play of Tanishi (タニシ), term for freshwater snails from the Viviparidae family.

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