Taurus Noise, also known as Ox Noise (オックスノイズ) in Japan, is the Noise Change between Mega Man and Taurus, the EM counterpart of Taurus Fire.


Taurus Noise's main color is dark red, with black joints and body parts. The most notable changes are two grey horns grown from the head, as well as horseshoe-like shoulder plates.


Taurus Noise is one of the two fire-elemental Noise Changes, the other being Corvus Noise, which shares the same Noise Force Big Bang. It is a highly offensive-focused noise, sporting a high boost to Fire type cards and Super Armour to shrug off blows and allow for uninterrupted attacking. Its charge shot is a slow but powerful heat cannon that complements Taurus Fire's brute strength, while its NFB Atomic Blazer is the strongest of the five NFBs. Taurus Noise's abilities emphasize raw power to incinerate and decimate enemies. Taurus Noise pairs up well with Ophiuca Noise, using the latter's Charge Shot to generate Grass Panels so as to strike even harder with its Fire boost.

Noise Form

  • Super Armour - Cannot flinch.
  • Non-dimming Fire cards gain +50 attack.

Vibrant Noise

  • Element: BC Element Heat Fire
  • Weakness: BC Element Aqua Aqua
  • Charge Shot: Heat Cannon
    • Hits the target and a 1x3 area centred immediately behind it, inflicting (10 x Buster Attack + 20) Fire damage.
  • NFB: Atomic Blazer

Ability Waves

  • Super Armor/700

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