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Team Shachi

Team Shachi

Team Shachi (stylized as TEAM SHACHI), formerly Team Syachihoko (チームしゃちほこ), is a Japanese female idol group formed in 2011 consisting of four schoolgirls from the city of Nagoya. In 2019 the group made a collaboration with Mega Man. The group also participated in the Rockman Live 2020.

Rocket Queen feat. MCU/Rock Away

Rocket Queen featuring MCU

Rocket Queen feat. MCU/Rock Away

Rocket Queen feat. MCU/Rock Away is a single by Team Shachi released on October 2, 2019. It contains the songs Rocket Queen feat. MCU, which is a remix of Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2, and Rock Away. The single has four different covers.

Rockman 20XX: Tatakae! Team Shachi

Rockman 20XX: Tatakae! Team Shachi (ROCKMAN 20XX 〜戦え!TEAM SHACHI〜) is a browser game made as part of the collaboration between Team Shachi and Mega Man.


In 20XX, humans and robots coexist peacefully. Mega Man has retired, and now lives with Proto Man and Roll in an old robot retirement house. Team Shachi was performing a concert there when an A.I. of Dr. Wily appeared and took control of Mega Man, transforming him into a weapon of mass destruction. Dr. Light's A.I. appeared and asked for Team Shachi to become super robots to stop Dr. Wily and rescue Mega Man and the world, giving a special ability to each member. Besides taking over Mega Man, Dr. Wily's A.I recruited his original Wily Numbers to assist him.

Team Shachi

NameColorSpecial Weapon
Nao Sakura
(咲良菜緒, sub-leader)
Dragons blue Shachi Buster (シャチバスター) - Her version of the Mega Buster.
Yuzuki Ōguro
Murasaki purple (temporary) Shiny Knuckle (シャイニーナックル) - Based on Hard Knuckle. A rocket punch that can destroy specific obstacles.
Haruna Sakamoto
Tebasaki kimidori
Chicken Wing Shield (手羽先シールド) - Based ob Leaf Shield. Four chicken wings fly around the user for a while to protect against enemy attacks. It drains a lot of energy.
Honoka Akimoto
(秋本帆華, leader)
Nagoya red Shachi Drone (シャチドローン) - Team Shachi's support machine, a red shachi. A rising platform appears to help navigate through the stage. When used, it won't disappear until it goes off-screen, being available for all members.

Wily Numbers

Metal Man Although his beard is quite impressive, his “Metal Blade” has rusted noticeably.
Air Man He modified himself into a tank, and always seem to be panting from lack of air.
Bubble Man ​​He now needs the IV drip to shoot the bubbles.
Quick Man Having gained a lot of weight, he doesn't look so quick anymore.
Crash Man The silky white beard has become his tradmark. Seems to have trouble getting his bombs to crash.
Flash Man His head has become quite flashy. Needs glasses to protect his eyes from all the dazzle.
Heat Man Went through a lot, and now he can't go anywhere without his bottle of booze.
Wood Man He's become an old tree, and can't go anywhere without his stick. His heart hasn't withered yet though.


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