Team Thunder is a street gang from Mega Man Battle Network 2 and the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, led by Raoul. They reside in the ghettos of Netopia, where they live in poverty and often face discrimination from the more wealthy and upper class residents, resulting in a rough family/tribe-like mentality that is mostly unwelcoming to strangers. Despite this, Team Thunder fights for a noble cause, and is always willing to listen to reason.

Mega Man Battle Network 2

Lan Hikari comes to Team Thunder for help finding his chips and passport back after he is robbed upon his arrival in Netopia. He is assisted by Jim, who requests a Guard * chip in exchange for the info. He tells Lan to search in the cyberworld for his passport, and tells him to get permission from Raoul to jack into their network. Lan defeats Raoul, and he is inducted into Team Thunder. Afterward, Jim helps Lan find his battle chips. If one returns to Team Thunder anytime after going to Kotobuki, Jim tells Lan that Team Thunder has been fighting against Gospel, and many of them have been hurt and asks for Lan's help, though the player isn't given the option to.

MegaMan NT Warrior

In the anime, Team Thunder is still a street gang based on Heaven City, where corrupt Mayor Daryl attempts to demolish their Downtown homes, seeing the downtown as a stain on Heaven City's image. He and his assistant Bolt attacks the city, but they are driven off by Lan, Raoul, Shan, Hatto, Pooh, and the rest of Team Thunder, and Daryl is arrested for his crimes.