Teck (テク Teku) is an enemy in some of the Mega Man games that strictly walks on the ceiling (except for the Wall Teck who walks on the wall).

Types of Teck


Teck is an enemy from Mega Man 6 that shoot regular energy shots. They appear in the stages of Blizzard Man, Tomahawk Man, and Yamato Man.

Icicle Teck

Icicle Teck (ツララテク Tsurara Teku) is a version of Teck from Mega Man 7 that's mainly in Freeze Man's stage. They often drop icicles, which can sometimes be used to safely cross dangerous spike pits.

Wall Teck

Wall Teck (ウォールテク Wōru Teku) is a Teck that can walk on walls. This type of Teck cannot walk on the ceiling. In Mega Man 8, they appear in Astro Man's and Aqua Man's stages. In Mega Man & Bass. they appear in Astro Man's stage.


  • Teck is derived from tekuteku, a Japanese onomatopoeia for footsteps in a steady pace.

Similar enemies

Enemies similar to Tecks.

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