Teckyun (鉄キューン Tekkyūn) is an iron ball mechanism equipped with an anti-gravity device that appears in the floors and ceilings of Gravity Man's and Wave Man's stages in Mega Man 5. It is invincible, but the Mystery Tank can change it in one Extra Life, and Mega Man can stand near the hinge of the chain and remain unharmed. Charge Kick can be used to pass through the ball safely, but it is easier and more energy-efficient to simply walk or slide to the middle of the chain while the ball is facing the opposite direction, then continue on when the ball swings to face the direction that Mega Man just came from.

Teckyun also appears in Wave Man's stage in Mega Man for the Game Gear.

Other media

Teckyun appeared in the Rockman 5 manga.



Its name is derived from "tekkyuu (鉄球)", Japanese for wrecking ball.

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