Tel Tel (テルテル Teru Teru) is a doll-like weather robot native to Cloud Man's stage in Mega Man 7. There are only two in the whole game. If the first one is hit by any weapon, it will turn upside down and the weather will become rainy. If the second one is hit by the Freeze Cracker, it will turn right-side up with its panels in a snowman-like shape, and the weather will become snowy.

Other media

Tel Tel appeared in the Rockman 7 manga.



  • Tel Tel is based on a Japanese "weather doll" called a teru teru bōzu. Teru Teru literally means "Shiny Shiny".
  • Even if Mega Man does not shoot the first Tel Tel, the next screen will become rainy, so there is no point in trying to dodge it without shooting it.

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