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'''How to use this template:'''

|align= Can set alignment (default is right).
|mainbg= Core background color.
|mainborder= Templates border color.
|titlebg= Title/header bg color.
|titleborder= Title/header border color.
|imagebg= Image section background color.
|line= Horizontal line(s) color.
|esbg= Set color of even rows.
|osbg= Set color of odd rows.
|name= Armor name.
|image= Image of armor.
|caption= Description of the image.
|designer= Real world designer.
|jname= Characters Japanese name.
|kanji= Characters Japanese name in kanji.
|romaji= Romanization of characters Japanese name.
|altname= Characters alternate name(s).
|helmet= Part location.
|body= Part location.
|arm= Part location.
|leg= Part location.
|part= Parts capacity.
|appearances= Appearances in games.
|appear2= Appearances in other medias.
|sprite= Sprite or 3D model.
|notes= Additional notes.
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