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"Use this table for Mega Man X: Command Mission enemies."

How to use this template:
The "List of Abilities" can display up to 15 abilities at this time.
Enter info into |ability1= and |effect1= to start the list.
Change the numbers from 2 to 3 and so on when adding more.

|align= Set table alignment (default is left).
|width= Set table width (use percentages(%) vs. pixels(px)).
|title= Can change title of table.
|type= Specify enemy type: Preon, Boss, etc.
|lv= Characters level.
|le= Life Energy.
|fire= Fire damage %.
|water= Water damage %.
|thunder= Thunder damage %.
|exp= The experience points the party can gain.
|zenny= The amount of money the party can gain.
|fme= The amount of Force Metal Energy the party can gain.
|power = Attack power.
|armor = Defense against melee/close-range attacks. 
|shield = Defense against shooting/long-range attacks.
|speed = Speed rating.
|itemdrop= Item(s) dropped.
|steal= Item(s) that can be stolen.
|ability1= Skill or attack.
|effect1= The effect of the skill or attack.
|notes= Additional info about the enemy, "Will regain LE every turn" for example.
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