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|title=[[Mega Man classic]] games
|[[Mega Man (video game)]] 
|[[Mega Man 2]] 
|[[Mega Man 3]] 
|[[Mega Man 4]]

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|name = Mega Man 3
|image = [[File:Mm3jp.png|280px]]
|caption = Japanese promo art of ''Mega Man 3.''
|genre = Action/Platform
|players = Single-Player
|publisher = '''[[Capcom]]'''
|developer = '''[[Capcom]]'''
|platform = '''[[Wikipedia:Nintendo Entertainment System|Famicom/NES]], [[Wikipedia: Mega Drive|Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive]], [[Wikipedia:PlayStation|PlayStation]], [[Wikipedia: PlayStation 2|PlayStation 2]], [[Wikipedia:Nintendo GameCube|GameCube]], [[Wikipedia: Xbox|Xbox]], [[Wikipedia:Virtual Console|Virtual Console]], [[Wikipedia:iPhone OS|Mobile Phone]]'''
|releasedate = '''Famicom/NES:'''
[[File:Flag_of_Japan.png|20px]] September 28, 1990<br>
[[File:Flag_of_USA.png|20px]] November 1990<br>
[[File:Flag_of_Europe.png|20px]] February 20, 1992<br>
|rerelease = 
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|'''Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive:'''<br>
'''[[Mega Man: The Wily Wars]]''' <br>
[[File:Flag_of_Europe.png|20px]] [[File:Flag_of_USA.png|20px]] October 20, 1994 <br>
[[File:Flag_of_Japan.png|20px]] October 21, 1994

'''Sony Playstation:'''<br>
'''[[Rockman Complete Works]]'''<br>
[[File:Flag_of_Japan.png|20px]] August 5, 1999

'''Gamecube/Sony Playstation 2:'''<br>
'''[[Mega Man: Anniversary Collection]]'''<br>
[[File:Flag_of_USA.png|20px]] June 23, 2004 <br>
[[File:Flag_of_USA.png|20px]] March 15, 2005

'''Mobile Phone'''<br>
[[File:Flag_of_USA.png|20px]] August 19, 2008

'''Wii Virtual Console:'''<br>
[[File:Flag_of_Japan.png|20px]] November 4, 2008<br>
[[File:Flag_of_USA.png|20px]] November 10, 2008<br>
[[File:Flag_of_Europe.png|20px]] November 14, 2008
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