A wall-mounted gun with a beak-like armored shell that opens and closes.
Points: 200
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 1
Big Eye
A large one-eyed jumping robot that tries to crush its enemies.
Points: 9000
Health Points: 20
Attack Damage: 10

'''How to use this template:'''
|align= Can set alignment (default is left).
|mainbg=Main background color.
|headerbg=Header background color.
|cellbg=Individual cell background color.
|cellbrdrbg=Individual cell border color.
|en1=Image/sprite/graphic or enemy, and name(use <br/> after image to position text
below it).
|descrip1=A very brief description of the enemy.
|pts1=Points gained by player by defeating the enemy.
|hp1=Health points.
|at1=Attack damage (amount of damage enemy can cause to player).
|wpn1=Bosses special weapon (that can be obtained by the player).
|weak1=Boss/enemies weakness.
|dna1=A-Trans ability gained from the enemy.
|hmode1=Mega Man X8. Changes made to the enemy in Hard Mode.
|mameq1=Mega Man X8. Changes made to an enemy after a MAME-Q attaches to them.
|stage1=Stage(s) the enemy appears in.
*Table can currently support up to 20 entries.
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