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|title= Name, if different from page name.
|image= Image.
|caption= Image description.
|developer= Developer(s)
|publisher= Publisher(s)
|director= Director(s)
|producer= Producer(s)
|designer= Designer(s)
|programmer= Programmer(s)
|artist= Artists(s)
|writer= Writer(s)
|composer= Musician(s)
|series= Series the game belongs to.
|platforms= Consoles/etc. the game was released for.
|releasedate= Release dates of this game. Is usually listed as separate release dates (American, Japanese, European, Australian), and is listed in chronological order.
|rerelease= Re-releases of the game.
|genre = Category
|ratings= Video game content rating system classification(s).
|modes= Number of players/etc.
|media = Cartridge, disc (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.), digital download, or other.
|arcadesystem= If an arcade game, what arcade board was the game on?
|input = Controller, joystick, keyboard, etc.
|wifi = Does the game have Wi-Fi capabilities.
|music = The games theme music.
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