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'''How to use this template:'''
* All color elements are individually customizable, except text and the Command Mission stats table.

|align= Can set alignment (default is right).
|mainbg= Core background color.
|mainborder= Templates border color.
|titlebg= Title/header bg color.
|titleborder= Title/header border color.
|text= Text color for entire template.
|titletext= Text color for title.
|nicktext= Text color for nickname section.
|nickbg= Background color for nickname section.
|numtext= Text color for Robot Master Serial Number section.
|numbg= Background color for Robot Master Serial Number section.
|imagebg= Image section background color.
|line= Horizontal line(s) color.
|esbg= Set color of even rows.
|osbg= Set color of odd rows.
|infoheader= Main information header text.
|cm= If Command Mission enemy/boss enter: yes (Stat table will not appear otherwise).
|name= Characters name.
|image= Image of character.
|caption= Caption from the image.
|nickname = Nickname or title given to this character.
|number= Serial Number of Mega Man classic Robot Masters or other.
|designer= The reality designer of the Robot Masters.
|jname= Characters Japanese name.
|script= Characters Japanese name in kanji, katakana, or hiragana.
|romaji= Romanization of characters Japanese name.
|altname= Characters alternate name(s).
|age= The age of the character (humans only).
|gender= Male/Female.
|eyecolor = Color of eyes for character. In most Mega Man series, these colors are limited to three colors: red, green or blue (and shades thereof).
|haircolor= Characters hair color. 
|points= Points from MM1 and remakes.
|hp= Health Points.
|at= Attack power of an enemy (differs from "power" for MMXCM).
|weapon= Special Weapon won after boss defeat.
|mmx= Weapon won by X (only if differs from Zero).
|zero= Weapon won by Zero (only if differs from X).
|axl= Weapon won by Axl (only if differs from X).
|vile= Weapon won by Vile.
|knuckle= Weapon(s) from Zero Knuckle (MMZ4).
|weak= The weak point (Special Weapon, ...).
|type= Type from MMXCM.
|lv= Characters level (MMXCM).
|le= Life Energy (HP from MMXCM only).
|fire= MMXCM fire damage %.
|water= MMXCM water damage %.
|thunder= MMXCM thunder damage %.
|exp=experience points from RPGs (MMXCM).
|zenny= Money won from RPGs (MMXCM).
|fme= Force Metal from MMXCM.
|power = Attack power for MMXCM foes.
|armor = Defense against melee/close-range attacks (MMXCM only). 
|shield = Defense against shooting/long-range attacks (MMXCM only).
|speed = Speed rating for MMXCM foes.
|itemdrop= Item dropped.
|steal=Item that can be stolen in MMXCM.
|stage=Name of boss' stage (MM6, MMX1, ...).
|location=Stage the enemies appear (boss don't need).
|attack= Names for attack(s) (MMXCM and a few others).
|netnavi=Net Navi counterpart.
|mmbn= Battle Network counterpart.
|appearances= Appearances in games.
|appear2= Appearances in other medias.
|voiceactoreng= The American voice actor.
|voiceactorjap= The Japanese voice actor (Seiyū).
|sprite= Sprite or 3D model.
|notes= Additional notes.
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