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Place Result
First 100
Second 95
Third 87
Fourth 65
Fifth 58



DistanceCommandTechniqueHitAttack PowerConsumptionAttributeProperty
- First attack _____
B c
B l+B c
B r+B c
B u+B c
B d+B c
B t

Rock & Roll

DistanceCommandTechniqueHitAttack PowerConsumptionAttributeProperty
L-Rock Buster
(Mega Buster)
3110-EnergyFirst attack ____Mega Man fires three shots from his buster.
LB cRock Buster
(Mega Buster)
3110-Energy Mega Man fires three shots from his buster.
LB cCrush Bomb
7130-Energy and Electric Replaces the B c Rock Buster in level 24. Mega Man uses the Rock Buster and Roll throws a Crush Bomb.
LB l+B cMachine Gun Arm590-Physical-
LB r+B cMachine Gun Arm590-Physical-
LB r+B cHoming Missile6110-Flame-Replaces the B r+B c Machine Gun Arm in level 30. Mega Man fires six missiles.
LB u+B cBuster Cannon1150-Energy-
LB d+B cBuster Cannon1150-Energy-
LB d+B cHyper Shell3170-Flame-Replaces the B d+B c Buster Cannon in level 23.
LB tShining Laser10700100 SPEnergySP ___
L-Shield Arm--10 SP Complete Defense
CategorySkill nameConsumptionEffect
MRoll's Homemade Lunch
(Picnic Lunch)
30 MPRecovers HP (amount varies with Level and Technique) and reduces a small portion of the Stun Gauge.
MDigout10 MPFinds a item in the map.
MSnipe Unit20 MP
MDevelopment of Collected Parts25 MP
MThird Armor10 MP
MRoll's Maintenance60 MP
-Adventurous Spirit of Steel-
-Drill Arm-
-Vacuum Arm-
-Roller Dash-

Tron ni Kobun

DistanceCommandTechniqueHitAttack PowerConsumptionAttributeProperty
L-Gatling Gun5 -PhysicalFirst attack ___
LB cGatling Gun5 -Physical-
LB cGatling Gun (Strong)10 -Physical-Replaces the B c Gatling Gun in level 24
LB l+B cKobun Bazooka
(Servbot Bazooka)
1 -Flame-
LB l+B cBonne Bazooka3 -Flame-Replaces the B l+B c Kobun Bazooka in level 16.
LB r+B cKobun Bazooka1 -Flame-
LB u+B cRock Throw1 -Physical-
LB u+B cRock Throw (Strong)1 -Physical-Replaces the B u+B c Rock Throw in level 31.
LB d+B cRock Throw1 -Physical-
LB d+B cKobun Mole _____5234-Physical-Replaces the B d+B c Rock Throw in level 20
LB tLunch Rush16874100 SPPhysicalSP ___
M-Double Rolling Punch-187450 MPPhysicalTwo persons Multiple AssaultMultiple Assault with Baby Head
L-Lunch Rush1673430 SPPhysical_____ Counterlevel 14.
CategorySkill nameConsumptionEffect
MKobun ___
MKobun ___
MKobun ___
MKobun ___
MKobun ___
-Kobun Mole


DistanceCommandTechniqueHitAttack PowerConsumptionAttributeProperty
S-Cut1206-PhysicalFirst attack _____
SB cContinuous Cut3206-Physical-
SB l+B c踏み込み突き2 -Physical-
SB l+B c踏み込み突き (Strong)3246-Physical-
SB r+B cHyper Gauntlet3 -Physical-
SB r+B cHyper Gauntlet (Strong)6226-Physical-
SB u+B cIranistan's Oil2 -Heat-
SB u+B cBlack Dragon's Fang7246-Magic-
SB d+B cIranistan's Oil2 -Heat-
SB d+B cIranistan's Oil (Strong)4246-Heat-
SB tHeat Body7806100 SPHeatSP ____
L-Fire Ball1 -HeatFirst attack _____
LB cFire Ball1 -Heat-
LB l+B cIce Breath1 -Cold-
LB l+B cLightning Bolt3 -Electric-
LB r+B cIce Breath1 -Cold-
LB u+B cFire Element2 -Heat-
LB u+B cFire Explosion3 -Heat-
LB d+B cFire Element2 -Heat-
M-Double Heat Body 50 MP Two persons Multiple AssaultMultiple Assault with Arthur
S-Hyper Shield--10 SP____
L-Hyper Shield--10 SP____

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