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For Battle Network viruses:
|image=       |A large image of a Virus (Non-spirte if possible)
|name=        |English Virus Name. Japanese can be included in Bio
|jname=       |Japanese name.
|script=      |Characters Japanese name in kanji, katakana, and/or hiragana.
|kanji=       |"Obsolete" use |script=
|romaji=      |Romanization of kanji (only if different from Japanese name).
|altname=     |Alternate or other known names.
|hp=          |Hit Points. eg. 40, 60(V2), 80(v3), 100(Ω), 
|ap=          |Attack Points eg. 20, 40(V2), 60(v3), 80(Ω),
|genus=       |Family. e.g. Swordy Family
|variants=    |Family Members. e.g. Champy2, Champy3, ChampyΩ,
|chip=        |Chips used by Viruses. e.g. Recov30
|ability=     |Non-Battlechip moves. e.g. Invisibility, Floatshoes (Not Invis1 though!)
|items=       |Loot! e.g. Zenny, Firehit2
|type=        |Can be Image or word. e.g Aqua
|appearances= |In-game appearances. Can be shortened w/ links to BN1, BN2, BN3, etc.
|appear2=     |Other appearances. Can be shortened w/ links and/or notes e.g. ZX, Zero. 
|sprite=      |Actual game sprites. Can show variant coloured sprites here also or in subsections. 
|notes=       |Additional notes.
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