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'''How to use this template:'''
|name= name of the weapon.
|image= Image.
|caption= caption from the image.
|jname= Japanese name.
|script=Characters Japanese name in kanji, katakana, and/or hiragana.
|kanji= "Obsolete" use |script=
|romaji= Romanization of kanji.
|altname= Other name(s) for the weapon.
|boss= boss from which the weapon is obtained from.
|eagainst= boss (or enemy) that the weapon is effective against.
|user= the character that uses this weapon (only in instances where more than one character uses it).
|at= attack power for this weapon.
|costtoequip = the amount of units it costs for a weapon to be equipped (applies only to Vile's weapons in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X).
|cost= the amount of units the weapon uses (the term "units" is mostly irrelevant in Mega Man 8, and Mega Man X4-6).
|capacity= the amount of uses for this weapon on a full weapons bar.
|type=the type of element or nature of this weapon.
|trajectory= trajectory of the projectile
|effect= effects of the weapon
|trajectory2= trajectory of the charged-up projectile (Mega Man X)
|effect2= effects of the charged-up weapon (Mega Man X)
|appearances=Appearances in games.
|appear2=Appearances in other medias.
|sprite=Sprite or 3D model.
|notes= Other special details about this weapon.
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