Zero wielding the Z Saber.

The Ten Shining Weapons, known as the Ten Shining Arms (十の光る武具 Jū no Hikaru Bugu, also written as 光る十の武具) in Japan, is a set of weapons made for top-class Maverick Hunters during the Maverick Wars. X's X-Buster, Zero's Z Saber, and each of the weapons wielded by the Four Guardians are part of this set.[1]

Notably, there are two weapons that are unaccounted for if one counts both of Fefnir and Harpuia's weapons. While one could guess these are Axl's Axl Bullets, this fact is unconfirmed.


Arm-mounted firearm wielded by X, also known as the Mega Buster Mk.17. It fires three powerful solar bullets in a row, and works even underwater. It can fire an even stronger shot by charging up; this charge shot is extraordinarily powerful. It has enough force to smash an enemy and keep going straight through. Furthermore, the X-Buster has the unique ability of being able to fire Special Weapons.


Sword wielded by Zero. When Ciel is taken hostage by a Golem, X appears and gave Zero the Z-Saber to destroy the Mechaniloid in one hit. Because it was created using the same technology as the X-Buster, it also has the ability to vary its effects and shape, such as transforming into other weapons such as the Recoil Rod or the Shield Boomerang. Utilizing the Mega Buster Mk.17 technology, it can unleash a charged attack, which can be powered up by Elemental Chips.

Dark Cross

Giant shuriken wielded by Hidden Phantom. Phantom often rides on it during battle.

Frost Javelin

Spear wielded by Fairy Leviathan. Though, Leviathan uses it against the Resistance to create a water dragon and coffins of ice, its abilities are also used to do her part in the tropospheric control operation for the rejuvenation of the environment.

Sodom and Gomorrah

Multi-type launchers wielded by Fighting Fefnir, also called Multiple Launchers. Sodom is the gun equipped in Fefnir's right hand and is able to shoot fire. Gomorrah is the gun on his left. They are named after the treacherous cities which were burned to ruin in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Sonic Blades

Swords wielded by Sage Harpuia. Using both at once, Harpuia can fire a powerful Sonic Boom.