Tengu Blade (テングブレード Tengu Burēdo) is Tengu Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man & Bass. It is a multitasking sword weapon that can send out a projectile as well as being used as a slashing weapon. It can bounce off of walls, and can also be used as a dashing weapon (similar to the Charge Kick from Mega Man 5 or the Break Dash from Mega Man V) by sliding (with Mega Man) or dashing (Bass) with the weapon equipped. This is Magic Man's weakness, which can actually slice him in two (although Magic Man returns to one piece afterward), as well as cutting his cards.

Damage data chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man & Bass.

TenguBladeIcon.png Tengu Blade MMB-TenguBlade-Bass-Icon.png
Boss Damage
Green Devil 3:8:--
Cold Man 1:1:1
Burner Man 1:1:1
Pirate Man 1:2:2
Ground Man 1:0:1
Tengu Man 1:1:1
Magic Man 4:3:4
Astro Man 0:0:0
Dynamo Man 0:0:2
Atetemino Proto 0:0:1
King Tank 1:1:1
King Plane 1:1:--
King 2:1:0
Jet King Robo 1:1:--
Wily Machine 1:1:--
Wily Capsule 1:1:--
  • For Tengu Blade, the first number is the slash; the second number is striking with the projectile; the third number is hitting with the slashing dash.