"Tenkuuha: Enhanced Z Saber! You can cut enemy energy shots with your saber."
―In-game text, Mega Man X4

Tenkuuha, or Tenkūha (天空覇 lit. "Aether Rule") is the special technique and Z-Saber upgrade that Zero learns after defeating Storm Owl in Mega Man X4. This technique is based off Storm Owl's ability to absorb damage from some types of energy attacks. This technique changes the color of Zero's saber to a violet color, allowing him to destroy energy projectiles with it. The Z-Saber does not become any stronger with Tenkuuha and there is no way to deactivate this feature, which is similar to the Kuuenzan's; once learned, the Z-Saber permanently becomes purple with Tenkuuha activated for the rest of the game.

The ability is reused as an upgrade for Zero's black armor (with some extra enhancements) in Mega Man X5, and as the Shot Eraser upgrade in Mega Man X5 and X6. It also appears as a skill in Project X Zone.


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  • Being Double Cyclone's counterpart, this technique should be Magma Dragoon's weakness and stun him, but it doesn't. In fact, Magma Dragoon's weakness is Raijingeki and doesn't stun him either, only slows him down.

X's purple saber.

  • When playing as unarmored X without special weapons equipped on the X Challenge mode from Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2, the Z-Saber will be purple instead of green. This is useful against High Max, as he can't be damaged without the use of special weapons, so the Z-Saber will count as one if special weapons weren't selected.
    • This saber although similar in coloring, is not exactly the same, as this one is slightly brighter.
    • Although similar, this purple saber doesn't seem to have the shot eraser function.
  • Tenkuuha is one of Zero's Hero Arts in TEPPEN.