Tensuke Takumi (匠転助 Takumi Tensuke) is a character from Mega Man Battle Network 4. He worked as a top maker for 50 years, and his NetNavi is TopMan.EXE, which augments his love of tops. His grandson is Kosuke and he has a twin brother.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Tensuke is showing his grandson, Kosuke, a special CyberTop, but he declares tops are boring and leaves. Tensuke is disappointed and is devastated when the CyberTop has a virus. Lan deletes the virus and talks with Tensuke, who says his makeshift Navi is broken. Lan decides to visit the NetBattle Club and request their help in fixing TopMan. They agree on the condition that MegaMan answers several trivia questions. If he gets it wrong, he has to give their NetNavis backrubs. The leader of the club is Tensuke's twin brother, a kite maker that has odds with him because Tensuke declares NetBattles stupid. Eventually, they fix TopMan and both Lan and Tensuke are surprised to know they are their next opponent at the Den Battle/City Battle Tournament. He loses, but his grandson's interest is renewed and he develops a healthy relationship with his brother, or so it seems. They immediately start arguing again after the match.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

Tensuke is the first old-timer ever meet who actively participates in NetBattles. Not because he wants to, but rather so he'll have something in common with his dear grandson Kousuke. Tensuke first and real passion of hobbies are his tops, which are massively collected at his home.



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