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Teppen (stylized as TEPPƎN) is a freemium card game developed by GungHo Online Entertainment released for iOS and Android devices in July 2019. It features characters from several Capcom franchises such as Mega Man X, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter and Darkstalkers.


In this game, Capcom characters are reimagined in a fantastical post apocalyptic world, and are given more dramatic backstories that motivate them to seek out a place known as The Land of Illusion. Story information is also told with collecting and piecing together lore from cards and artwork.

X is a robot created by an ancient civilization that awakened in the present after a long slumber. With the ancient civilization long gone and destroyed upon a great war that continues long into the future between robot armies, X decides to travel to the Land of Illusion to find answers to the mysterious past that he cannot recall. [1]

Zero appears also as a wandering amnesiac, but continues on as a heroic figure along his own search for the truth.

Iris wanders the remains of the destroyed civilization to find her brother Colonel, who continues to fight the endless war.

Vile seeks to establish his own rule in the wake of the destruction of civilization, and engages freely in its anarchy.

Mega Man X cards

Basic cards

X 001Metall C-15Unit (Machine)Common
X 005AliaUnit (Machine)Rare
X 007IrisUnit (Machine)Epic
X 008X Unit (Machine)Epic
X 009Secure Supply RouteActionCommon
X 010SupplyActionCommon
X 011Sibling MemoriesActionCommon
X 012First AidActionRare
X 013ParadoxActionEpic
DANTE 002LumineUnit (Machine)Common
RATHALOS 002ColonelUnit (Machine)Common
MORRIGAN 006ZeroUnit (Machine)Rare
WESKER 006VileUnit (Machine)Rare
NERGIGANTE 002IsocUnit (Machine)Common
JILL 002SignasUnit (Machine)Common
NERO 004PalletteUnit (Machine)Common

Core set

Red cards
COR 003AxlUnit (Machine)Common
COR 009Overdrive Ostrich Unit (Machine)Common
COR 010Flame StagUnit (Machine)Common
COR 011Gun VoltUnit (Machine)Common
COR 017Storm EagleUnit (Machine)Rare
COR 018Neon TigerUnit (Machine)Rare
COR 022ColonelUnit (Machine)Epic
COR 033Sense of DutyActionCommon
COR 037Storm TornadoActionRare
COR 042Attack From AboveActionEpic
Green cards
COR 046Metall C-15Unit (Machine)Common
COR 054HoganmerUnit (Machine)Common
COR 055Bubble CrabUnit (Machine)Common
COR 056Armored Armadillo Unit (Machine)Common
COR 061Crescent Grizzly Unit (Machine)Rare
COR 067IrisUnit (Machine)Epic
COR 070 Advanced Artifact X Unit (Machine)Legendary
COR 074DisarmActionCommon
COR 082Emergency AidActionRare
COR 085Emergency StrikeActionEpic
COR 086Overwhelming ForceActionEpic
Purple cards
COR 095Ladder YadderUnit (Machine)Common
COR 105Boomer KuwangerUnit (Machine)Rare
COR 106Web SpiderUnit (Machine)Rare
COR 118Fake IntelActionCommon
COR 120Erased MemoriesActionCommon
COR 121Crystal HunterActionCommon
COR 131Dark HoldActionEpic
COR 135BrainwashedActionLegendary
Black cards
COR 139Wheel GatorUnit (Machine)Common
COR 140Raider KillerUnit (Machine)Common
COR 143DynamoUnit (Machine)Common
COR 157VileUnit (Machine)Epic
COR 162Forced RevivalActionCommon
COR 169Cruel GameActionCommon
COR 177Possessing MaliceActionEpic

Day of Nightmares set

Red cards
DON 004Metal WingUnit (Machine)Common
DON 005Slash BeastUnit (Machine)Common
DON 011Burn RoosterUnit (Machine)Rare
DON 024Unbreakable BondActionEpic
Green cards
DON 034LayerUnit (Machine)Rare
DON 035Armor SoldierUnit (Machine)Common
DON 038AliaUnit (Machine)Epic
DON 038
Alia Unit (Machine)Epic
DON 041General, Reploid Leader Unit (Machine)Legendary
DON 048Auto-HealActionCommon
DON 050A-TransActionLegendary
Purple cards
DON 059Sting ChameleonUnit (Machine)Rare
DON 074 New-Generation Reploids ActionEpic
Black cards
DON 077Burn DinorexUnit (Machine)Common
DON 086High MaxUnit (Machine)Rare
DON 088Vile MK-IIUnit (Machine)Epic
DON 099RebirthActionEpic

The Devils Awaken set

Red cards
TDA 006Thunder SlimerUnit (Machine)Common
TDA 011Chill PenguinUnit (Machine)Epic
TDA 011
Chill PenguinUnit (Machine)Epic
TDA 017Torchbearer AxlUnit (Machine)Legendary
Green cards
TDA 026Mole BoreUnit (Machine)Common
TDA 031RT-55JUnit (Machine)Common
TDA 034Blizzard BuffaloUnit (Machine)Rare
TDA 036Ground ScaravichUnit (Machine)Rare
TDA 039Godkarmachine O InaryUnit (Machine)Epic
TDA 043Defensive FieldActionCommon
TDA 04917th Elite UnitActionEpic
Purple cards
TDA 061Morph MothUnit (Machine)Rare
TDA 065LumineUnit (Machine)Epic
TDA 065
LumineUnit (Machine)Epic
Black cards
TDA 085DoubleUnit (Machine)Rare
TDA 089DynamoUnit (Machine)Epic
TDA 094AnimosityActionCommon

Explore cards

Cards obtained only via the Explore ability from other cards.

No.NameTypeObtained from
T010DetonationAction DON 001 Guile
T016AgilityAction DON 028 Kulu-Ya-Ku
T018Chimera Ride ArmorAction DON 035 Armor Soldier
DON 038 Alia
T019RepliforceAction DON 041 General, Reploid Leader


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