The Final Battle's End is the 22nd episode of MegaMan NT Warrior and the 18th episode of the English dub, where it is titled That Sinking Feeling.


At long last the waiting is over! The Championship Battle of the N1 Grand Prix has finally arrived, and the contestants are Lan and Chaud with their NetNavis MegaMan and ProtoMan! But as the teams clash in a dramatic battle, they unleash so much power that the hydraulic support beams holding up the Floating Arena are damaged and the arena starts sinking! While the terrified crowd evacuates, the gang realizes that Lan and Chaud are continuing their heated battle--and both plan to battle to the end, even if it means going down with the arena! While the gang watches from afar, Lan and Chaud's NetBattle climaxes with a never-before-seen Double Advance! As the crowd cheers, the energy the titanic Double Advance unleashes a powerful and malevolent NetNavi from his secret tomb. PharaohMan is released back into the world![1]



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