The Beginning
Season 1 episode 1
Air date September 11, 1994
Episode Guide
Electric Nightmare
Opening Theme Mega Man theme
Ending Theme Mega Man theme

The Beginning is the series premiere of the 1994 animated Mega Man series. This episode is an unlockable bonus exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version of Mega Man: Anniversary Collection.


Dr. Wily, Proto Man and six Robot Masters assault an airport and Mega Man is called upon for help. When Roll's safety is in jeopardy during the battle, Mega Man gets critically damaged. While Dr. Light repairs Mega Man, he begins having flashbacks to the day this all began when Proto Man was first created, when Wily turned on Dr. Light, when Rock and Roll were created and when Rock was rebuilt into Mega Man. Mega Man is repaired and along with Roll takes the fight to Wily once more.




In order of appearance:
  • Guts Man (Debut)
  • Elec Man (Debut)
  • Bomb Man (Debut)
  • Cut Man (Debut)
  • Fire Man (Only appearance)
  • Dr. Wily (Debut)
  • Proto Man (Debut)
  • Dr. Light (Debut)
  • Mega Man (Debut)
  • Roll (Debut)
  • Rush (Debut)
  • Eddie (Debut)
  • Doc (Only appearance)
  • Ice Man (Debut)


  • In the first bumper, Mega Man's blue gloves are missing.


  • In this episode Proto Man copies Guts Man's weapon, Super Arm. This is the only episode where he copies a weapon and the only one where Guts Man has his weapon copied.
  • This is the only episode where all Robot Masters from the same game appear together; in this case, the six Robot Masters from the original Mega Man.
  • Much like Proto Man's alliance with Dr. Wily, the history of Mega Man's origins were modified for the show. In the video game's storyline, Dr. Wily was Light's partner instead of assistant and it wasn't Proto Man's failure that split their partnership. Also, on the show, it was Dr. Light's idea to have Rock rebuilt into Mega Man, not Rock's own idea like in the games.
  • The vehicle that Roll operates in this episode was turned into a toy in the Mega Man action figure line. The same vehicle appears in the second segment with a different paint scheme as the vehicle Rock and Roll escape from Skull Fortress in.
  • In some markets, this episode did not air first, but rather second. In these few markets, it was the second episode "Electric Nightmare" that aired first.