The Count of Groundsoaking Blood (大地を濡らす血の伯爵 Daichi wo Nurasu Chi no Hakushaku) is a character from Konami's Boktai game series that appears as an optional boss in the Japanese version of Mega Man Battle Network 6. He can be found in the Immortal Area. In order to face him, the player has to open the door in Underground2 with the aid of BatKey by defeating Bass first. Then help Django find Otenko, which can also be found locked in the Undernet. The Count cannot be damaged at first, but Django intervenes and he can be damaged. After defeating him, the player will obtain his Battle Chip.

The Count is also the boss of the multiplayer mode Crossover Battle 2, available with a link between Rockman.EXE 6 and Shin Bokura no Taiyō (Boktai 3), replacing ShadeMan from the previous Crossover Battle. Django and MegaMan each fight against one Count in their game, and the player win if he defeat the Count first or the other player is defeated. Players can also disturb the opponent by sending attacks or enemies to his game or heal the opponent's Count.


The Count can use a variety of elemental attacks, along with some unique attacks as well.

?: The Count launches 4 meteors at the player's area, leaving flame towers behind. He can also launch some of them in succession instead of all at once, all tracking the player.

?: The Count zaps a panel in the second row with lightning, which launches a quad thunder attack in all 4 cardinal directions.

Blood Lance: 3 panels glow, and bloody red spikes tear out of the ground.

Blood Rain: A 3x3 set of rows is engulfed in bloody rain. It usually does not include all of the players panels, so you can dodge it.

Battle Chips

The Count's Navi Chips are exclusive to the Japanese version. Although his Battle Chips were removed in the English version, it's possible to see them with cheat devices, but they don't work well. He is called "HackJack" in English versions, a mistranslation of Hakushaku, the Japanese word for Count. It is also possible to obtain the chips without cheating devices, from Gold Mystery Data, but this is very rare (which Capcom forgot to remove).

Battle Chip ID Image Name Description Damage Element Rarity Code(s) Memory Location(s)
Mega Chip 40BN6MJChip040HackJack
Rain on enmy then lance atk20BC Element Null None***H60 MBComplete the Boktai sidequest.
Defeat the Count EX/SP
Number Lotto 12110031
Mega Chip 41BN6MJChip041HackJckEX
Rain on enmy then lance atk25BC Element Null****H75 MBCount EX/SP
Mega Chip 42BN6MJChip042HackJckSP
Rain on enmy then lance atk30-50BC Element Null*****H89 MBCount SP

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